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  1. Haha! I feel like that would've taken me a while to figure out as well. I don't generally mess with the calibration especially when these tablets are supposed to be "very close" to the screen, and not need calibration in general.
  2. It works now! Thanks for the help! I tried the first thing and it worked. Closed and opened the file again and the same issue was happening. I turned off the high DPI override from the 3DCoat properties, and it started working again. It's the same exact tablet, thank you for this! The offset was so bad that wasn't caused by a calibration offset. I was working on top left of the tablet, and was getting strokes on the bottom left xDD Anyway, I tried it for good measure, and at least it's more calibrated now than before, for my working angle! Thanks again for the help you both, and for the swift replies! It's all working now
  3. Hey all! I just installed 3DCoat 2021, very excited to use it. When I try to sculpt on a sphere/or any other object I'm pressing inside the object, but my strokes are occuring to the upper right of my screen, and I don't understand why. I tried using my wacom cintiq, as well as an intuos and I get the same effect. When I use my mouse, I can sculpt exactly where I'm clicking. I attached an image. I'm only pressing the inside of the sphere alternating between using my styluses, tablets, and mouse. I changed it to 3 different displays, and the issue changes a bit, but it's still ocurring outside of the intended working area. Is this a noobie error on my end?
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