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  1. Thanks! I updated and tested these modes and they're all working again
  2. Anyone having any issues with 3DCoat on Windows 11? I have experienced a script error when initiating the interactive tutorials and also whenever I activate the voxel surface mode and pick a 3d primitive, "Sphere for instance," It displays the grid but no mesh. Would love to get your feedback.
  3. Having a problem with 3Dcoat stutte ring every few seconds and displaying "not responding" in window title bar. 3DCoat Stuttering //edit * Video is not accessible: You need access 3DCoat Stutter.mp4
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's good to know I'm not alone. Two voices are better than one
  5. Before I download and install ver13, are future updates tweaked for my system as well?
  6. Ok it started up. I noticed a percentage countdown in the upper left hand corner of the window(Was that suppose to happen with this build?) and my computer got really sluggish, so I managed to open up task manager and saw adobe reader dc hogging up my ram and cpu. I closed it and my system ran smooth again. No problems testing it as of yet.
  7. Ver12 crashed on startup. Had to revert back to ver 4.9.72 for now. Bug Extermination in progress - Thanks for your hard work Andrew. We will get there bro.
  8. Happy Friday everyone! Just experienced another crash today. I emailed the necessary files. Will continue to check for changes and updates. es.
  9. Thanks, I surely will. Currently on my last break and the last quarter of my shift. Tomorrow can't get here soon enough. I was sharing with my wife how productive the Devs are in this forum. Appreciate all your hard work.
  10. Good afternoon everyone. I just upgraded last weekend and after I installed 3DCoat 2021 I started it up for the first time. And I got this error message. Even after I downloaded the latest version and installed it I started it up and still got an error message. Can someone tell me what's the issue? Thanks in advance.
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