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  1. After version 51 is uninstalled and version 53 is installed, click on automatic upgrade. Version 52 is recognized and the update starts to download. I wonder if there is any problem in the middle? ------- It’s my fault. If you cancel the upgrade and switch to the 53 tab, you won’t be prompted to upgrade.
  2. When I use Auto Update Manager, nothing happens. Does the program installation directory not in C drive affect it?
  3. When I use Symmetrical Engraving and I open Add Subdivision, the Symmetrical Axial Panel will disappear randomly, especially after the first subdivision. Please refer to the video → 2021-08-28 09-49-04.mkv
  4. Currently only (.spline) and (.EPS) can be loaded, no other 'Extra Module' were found
  5. Noise will be applied twice inadvertently, and it will be necessary to withdraw the command twice or apply the noise once and then turn off the tool. The real-time preview and application of the noise problem did not get the feedback of the previous feedback setting.
  6. I also had questions before, but no one has responded to me at the moment. It is estimated that the development schedule has not yet included these.
  7. Oh Yousung Yes, this tool is exactly what I want, and the randomness of the drag size was also considered at the time. Random drag size does not contradict the brush size adjustment, Thanks again
  8. I mean the stamp can be moved directly like a square or round tool to change the position at any time
  9. There is a tool suggestion that when using a round or square stamp, you can move the position by space. In the stamp mode, sometimes you need to adjust the position and you need to constantly debug to find a suitable position. Therefore, can the stamp mode also use spaces to adjust the position? Achieve precise adjustment of the position without repeated experimentation to adjust the suitable position
  10. gizmo tool, the zoom plane still cannot be displayed correctly after switching
  11. In version 35, there are also symmetry and invalid seals. Turn on the subdivision after symmetry, and sometimes there will be a bug that causes it to not be displayed. Hope it can be resolved in time. See the video for details。 2021-08-24 20-58-32.mkv
  12. After adjusting the mode, you cannot return to the original move, rotate, and zoom, See the video for details 2021-08-24 18-57-15.mkv
  13. Hope the software can automatically convert the correct result. In addition, when the AMD multi-core processor is working, the multi-core data processing method is not as fast as the single-core data processing speed, and it is hoped that it can be optimized.
  14. Voxel Layer,Voxel Extrude using stamp still is not fixed 2021-08-22 18-21-36.mkv
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