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  1. Apply again, I replied before, when the process is working at the percentage, switch to other software task interface under Windows, the 3Dcoat process will be stuck, and the progress percentage cannot be displayed normally (the software is indeed working, but not responding) Calculated percentage does not display properly. Hope to get normal feedback, at least normal. Show progress percentage. Better for user experience
  2. Another smart material issue when paint room. When I turn off tiling, it seems that the metal layer I set alone would violate this command and still execute the tiling command. No solution has been found yet.
  3. Thanks, I think this solution can reduce the workload of retopo when the model is extremely complex, and also get a better topology model.
  4. In special places, a higher-precision geometric model is required to be used with normal baking to obtain a high-poly effect
  5. I think there is still a lot of room for optimization in automatic topology. The results obtained by topology under complex textures are not ideal. Please refer to the picture. Setting the number of auto-topology surfaces too high will geometrically increase the time. You can only wait patiently. Zremesher results are also attached. Topology results are much faster than Auto Topology.
  6. Very good UI, more design sense than the original version, hope to get more news
  7. During the export process, there is a chance that a watermark will appear. I don't know what caused the problem. You can only try to re-export the overwritten file.
  8. frequent use of the curve tool will cause the fill tool brush to fail to be recalled correctly. I don't know if it's my personal problem or what operation is needed to restore it? I can only fix this by rebooting at the moment
  9. recently, the paint room painted the textures. After exporting the model and textures, there is a UV stretch issue. also has occasional UV stretching issues if the file is closed and reopened.
  10. Today, I successfully saw the upgrade option. Thank you for your team's hard work.
  11. Still no solution, the email replied that I can see the upgrade button on the serial number, but my pilgway account serial number does not have this button, so my license is still stuck on 21.07.2022, but I still successfully updated the program today
  12. My license also expired and I didn't find the upgradeable prompt in my pilgway account
  13. When multiple UV regions of the same area need to be overlapped and sorted, it is difficult to arrange them. I hope to increase their sorting.At present, I can't solve it in Coat and can only use other UV software to assist the work
  14. The layer still has some small problems when erasing the height, but it can be erased after adjusting the height. Video_20220626105843.wmv
  15. In the process of using the Scult layer in surface mode, if you turn off the layer or adjust the layer height data, sometimes there will be surface wrinkles or layer residues (the eraser cannot completely erase it), making the experience worse, delete it The layer cannot be restored. You can only go back to the original project and re-operate, and the workload is relatively large. I hope it can be solved.
  16. The Sculpt Room Surface mode uses layers to paint. If a new layer is hidden during the operation, the tool will automatically draw to layer0. This action is misleading and often results in the inability to undo and adjust layers. (ps: When drawing a new layer, closing the current drawing layer should not make it work, instead of drawing directly to layer0, which is not suitable. The above is personal feedback, please ignore it if it is not suitable)
  17. Does the Curves tool add Path Offset and Auto Blend options (offset in or out by a specified distance, schematics use Illustrator's Path Offset and Path Blend), which should speed up sculpting of hard-surfaced and hard-edged models Parameters: offset distance, offset blend amount
  18. Eraser problem for paint room: After erasing the corresponding area, a patchy residue will appear in the intersecting area after repeated erasing.
  19. A UI problem of drawing the room: the old version will have obvious color hints for the selected tools, but the new version does not. It is difficult to distinguish the current tools.
  20. Gorbatovsky Andrew Shpagin digman Thank you very much, mine also succeeded, thanks again PS:72 version does not require any additional settings, the effect is almost perfect
  21. Carlosan Andrew Shpagin digman The model file has been uploaded and can be tested ps:At that time, I tried to increase the density of the rhizome selection area, and the result was slightly better, but it was still not completely effective. If the number of topological grids increases, the software will stop working. In addition, the "instant mesh" has been tested. The speed and quality are better than the quality of automatic topology, but the rhizome head still can not give the correct result. . Looking forward to your test
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