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  1. 1 hour ago, tokikake said:

    After you report it, dev change  how 3d grid sub-D work ^^; before 3d grid sub-D count = 1 means, it devide 1 grid as 2 then generate 2 sub grid.

     but recent beta change way.  it work as you mentioned. (I needed to change setting)  then 3d sub-D count 0 and 1, not generate any sub-D grid after click OK.so to get 2 grid, I need to set it as 2. 

    On the other hand,  2d gird (which you reproted) setting, it seems remain as same as before.

    Though I do not think it is problem (just words usage) the sub-divide means, how you add sub-D for grid or mesh, then some aprication may work like the way. 

    sub-D = 1 means it devide 1 tmes then mesh devided as 2.  other aprication may use sub-D number,  as divided counts, about the case it may work as you expected.

    I only think, 2d and 3d grid may better which work with same rule. now I need to change sub-D number for 2d and 3d grid.

    ok...it's not a real problem...but for the 3DCOAT commercial image, i think that all should be accurate

  2. 4 hours ago, Andrew Shpagin said:

    I really want to fix the lag issue, but can't reproduce it. So I need some help to understand what changes caused it. 

    1) There are 3 links- 17, 18 and 19. Is it right that 17 lags, 18 not lags and 19 lags again?




    2) Does it lag over the simplest scene - PPP, default cube, draw strokes of radius 0.05 over one side. Does it depend on radius? Does it depend on Wintab/TabletPC? In which version?

    Thanks for your patience and reporting.

    hello andrew,

    For me lags started since the 2021.12...i tryed all others release without succes...same issue...i just seen that the release since 2021.12 use more the CPU than 2021.11 and less GPU...i posted two picts of 2021.11 and 2021.27.. ..just opened with the same options..and you can see the differences..i installed the last nvidia drivers..

    nvidia drivers.jpeg

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