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  1. I emailed sales@pilgway.com on Monday August 1st and still have not received a response. I was really hoping to upgrade during the sale. I wish they would have held off on the sale until this issue was resolved. -Doug J.
  2. Can you see my attached screen capture above, that says "ACCOUNT" in big letters? Well that is my account with the blacked out license ID. How does that actually help me upgrade? Can someone please shed some light on this "solved" issue?
  3. Thank you for the update. Are the brushes also going to be released along with the training course?
  4. This screenshot shows the brushes @ 4:40 into the video.
  5. 3D Coat newbie here. Are the Rygaard Brushes shown in the 2021 release video available to the public? They look like they would be very useful in addition the default ones. Thanks, Doug J.
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