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  1. @Andrew Shpaginhave a great time it’s good to clear your mind when your programming all the time. I’m also a coder so I know. ciao’ Mano!
  2. Another thing Andrew, Why does when you click on select to select your object, instead it brings up some spline / curve tools so when you try to drag a square around the outside of your object, instead of allowing you to select it like this, it brings up some curve menu at the top, and when you click outside your object it goes into creating a curve or spline instead?????
  3. Everything, I want a Silo3D preferences setup option when it asks you do you want it to work like softimage for example I want Silo navigation, hotkeys, ease of tweak, selection, I can create a whole titan in it in one night, at my laptop not even on the wacom tablet monitor! Please add this andrew and my hotkeys and mouse / pen clicks are not working at all currently in 86, please fix this, I noticed its trying to select polygons on the backside of my model instead of the front ones I'm trying to click on. Also allow us to select objects with a bounding box drawn easily with the pen! Thank you very very much for this suggestion.
  4. Hey Andrew, can we add tools similar to blenders box cutter and hard ops to the modeling toolset also please make symmetry work easier and also doing a reference image because both of these are needed to do any simple poly modeling like also anything else to make modeling in the modeling room easier for hard surface poly modeling like the silo style polygon tool and the tweak behavior and then call at least the modeling tools complete.
  5. Ps. The extrude tool should auto weld the verts of the extruded piece to the original model being extruded. Also, I’ve noticed this same behavior on a lot of other tools, even creating a simple cube, polys don’t seem to be welded, also the weld tool is funky if I try to weld verts with only a pixel or 2 at Max the distance to use if it’s less then it is supposed to weld, well I’m finding it moving and welding verts from the bottom let’s say all the way to the top of the cube making polys disappear in the process. So then I finally got it working ok not great and then my screen went nuts flashing, I know it’s not my videocard I have an nVidia 2060 super. Although I do think some of the non reproducible errors that Andrew is seeing are probably related to users having amd or vulkan based cards they use structs for drawing order etc... much different then dx12. Just a thought Andrew. Anyways watch the video in my other post please. please fix I’m in the middle of dev on a game project mostly for my 7 year old but everyone will want this. A hint it contains mechs.
  6. Andrew, check this out! I was trying to re-add some polygons that got removed after trying to weld the verts, this tool needs a lot of work also, as it has difficult welding 2 verts right beside each other and I mean right beside, it kept doing the collapsing behavior instead. But back to the topic, I was trying to re add some missing polygons by selecting 4 verts and on like the 2nd or 3rd try I got
  7. I know your problem is about u have to select at the beginning load model for painting!
  8. Let’s be honest here rocket3d is daunting and it has its bugs I should know I helped beta test in back when it was voidworld! I had it completely crash to the desktop on me today granted it’s only dx9 and requires slimdx... that being said once I get past the new user throw everything on the screen at once part of it I’m sure it will be fine. But for example I spent hours today just trying to get the mirroring option to work correctly in rocket3d. Now 3dcoat does suffer from the same thing. Now u know why I want the option to emulate another app as it used to do. Such as soft image or maya, 3D studio Max .. the reason being is your right the modeling room is super hard to use currently. You also can’t install other hot keys file because 3dcoat expects the file extension to be hotkeys in the load hotkeys under preferences. This will not work as everyone knows the file extensions in 2021 are *.xml Anyways I do think it can b fixed though, it just needs someone to figure out how to make a totally new theme file complete with tool shortcuts. Yes you can change colors currently.. this will not work, it needs to be light fast and smooth. Like the original voidworld before they added radial menus and a ton of clutter and options that no one uses let alone understands all the tools on the screen or a accidental click all the sudden u have selected some option u don’t even know about. you are right about the out of control vertex or disappearing objects I have had the same experience using my Wacom tablet monitor. andrew I could help u redesign the menus and stuff tools etc themes in the modeling room. I see we’re just using an xml file so it can’t be hard to make our own options and press and hotkeys and theme files. We just need an example to follow im going to start looking at the xml files and make some copies of them to see what I can change using a text editor like visual studio code. I might have to rename the extension for import to hotkeys as that is what it is currently searching for in hotkeys load screen. If anyone else can help we need as many apps emulated as we can get an ez one very much like 3dcoat is blender, maybe if we’re lucky they have their format in xml also them all we got to change is what tools the hotkeys activate. Then rename it blender.hotkeys and try loading it up. andrew can’t do everything his self guys he is a coding guru, probably better than me and that is saying something. if anyone knows where the old themes we had back then for even voidworld to emulate other packages maybe we can make some of those work. I just happen to have the old versions installed not by accident, I’m needing to model some mechs badly but right now the modeling packages are winning. The interface should ez to use, if u look at a tool button u should instantly know what to do. Also, we need options for working with objects, faces is not enough. Also, vertex welding should b too ez. Also creating of faces around those verts, the ability to tweak and work kinda like silo3d used to be. ALSO AND THIS ONE IS SOO IMPORTANT IM WRITING IT UN ALL CAPS — symmetry / mirroring should b so ez to setup, and understand I don’t know which one I’m supposed to be using doesn’t matter it’s so buggy I stopped using it. Like if I mirror and object across the x or y axis, it should just work, like if I them grab one of the two objects to move it away from origin the other object should also move away from the origin, currently the mirror image just sits there. Now if I do Juliet both and move them toward the right instead of the other object moving left it moves right with my original object. another major fixing point has to be the reference images, I still haven’t figured out how to delete them instead of just hiding them, because hiding them causes probs down the road, like when you create a new reference image like magic the hidden ref images pop back up, try it, create and load a ref image in a dif axis, then hide it, goto the front view and add a new ref image then rotate the view around and u will see those other ref images. I want to b able to make a cube deform it easily into a mech foot or whatever I decide to model. I also want to b able to make a new set of verts floating in air then connect the verts to make faces, then try to weld those verts to the box and b able to tweak it this is how most of us model. Either all verts and faces again ref images are key!!!!!!! if we don’t do low poly making verts and faces we use a method called box deformation, we should b able to easily do this! All the time connecting the new verts by welding them because merge doesn’t work right I don’t care what u set the tolerance too. I’ve tried the default, then a half a meter and it still would not snap them together and weld them. this is the kind of feedback Andrew needs. If we don’t tell him he won’t know what needs to be fixed. I hope this helps Andrew, Ken Cornett - author of 3dobuilder aka storm36969 on Twitch and storm3_6969 on YT
  9. I found 2 HUGE Problems.. Inside the Modeling Room. #1.) There is NO Way to get Rid of reference images other than to hide them, we need a way to delete them #2.) The reason you can NOT Load hotkeys is that it is looking for a file with the extension hotkeys, the extensions in 2021 are *.xml now. This needs to be fixed badly, I'm unable to try loading other hotkey files because of this. #3.) Where are our theme files for the interface? Please correct these simple issues, it's killing me that I am really unable to customize it right. I would love to have the modeling room setup after silo3D's Hotkeys. Thanks, Ken Cornett
  10. Sorry, if this is an easy question. But I have looked everywhere and can't find one theme or other Hotkey set / Tools etc.. Please Help Bring back themes and hotkey/tools to simulate other 3D apps, I'm trying to model and I can't get it to select a whole object to move, like if I create a cube then setup my reference image and want to move said cube into position to start poly modeling adding and moving points / faces etc.. I can't even get out of the gate because all the ollder hotkeys which used to work, no longer work? Anyone have a hotkey setup I can download and try? I was trying to emulate Silo3D's keyset, mode of modeling where I can tweak as I go etc.. Also, Your Preview pane in the reference image selection window does not work, I have alot of images that are JPG's which is in the supported type list of extensions. Yet, when I click on any of them nothing shows as if they are not recognized. I had to bring them up in photos to view and make sure I was selecting the right ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ken Cornett aka StOrM36969
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