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  1. Adivaki

    [Solved] Paint room : Luminosity channel ?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, How to paint luminosity on a texture please. In Layers -> Copy Channel, there's this option. As there's only Depth, Color and Specularity, I wonder the process to realise that. ex : Thanks
  3. Hi there, I've seen the possibility to export "Emissive" from the Texture menu bar (or when you export a model). But how to set up an emissive on a texture and a layer please ? Thanks
  4. Adivaki

    [SOLVED] UV seams do not appear on Mesh in Blender

    Fantastic !! Great thx Carlosan.
  5. Hi There, I used 3DC to UV map a model ( .obj). Then I did export it in Blender. Everything is perfect and it works well. Except, I can't get the seams appear on the mesh. I mean, the mesh is unwrapped in the UV window in Blender. But nothing "drawn" on the mesh. Could someone give an hand about this please ? Thx
  6. Adivaki

    Blender Applink

    HI, I'll give it a try soon. I'm a bit busy on another project. Thx
  7. Adivaki

    Blender Applink

    Hi Haikalle I made some tests. Sometimes it's work and anothers time not. I'm obliged to restart 3DC each time. For my tests, Once I used a simple cube = doesn't work at all Then I used a sphere = Blender ->3DC (I take a subdivision about 8k). So I practice some test with color and depth. Thx Jean
  8. Adivaki

    Blender Applink

    Hi, The bug I reported in this post still occurs: http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6706&view=findpost&p=58107 I use the official Blender 2.57b release. But I've got the same problem when I paint to create bump Map. Thx
  9. Adivaki

    Blender Applink

    Hello, I've run the new update today : 3.5.13 [beta, not verified] But the bug still happens. Thx
  10. Hi everybody, here's my first realisation. Poser 7 : The face 3DC : The hairs (voxel sculpt, retopo (long way, very long), uv map, MV), the swirls sculpt on the man face (custom brushes from photoshop and PPP) Blender : rendering Photoshop : post-prod, background and gold light effect. Thx U
  11. Adivaki

    Blender Applink

  12. Adivaki

    Blender Applink

    hello, Thx for the quick reply. Effectively, the export -> obj was unchecked. Now, It works !! But it seems to have a little bug in 3DC. I've exported a sphere for "PPPainting"(once the sphere's not been subdivided in 3DC and another one yes). And added some "bump" . So when I use my brush on the object some parts are good and others very bad (see my pics please). I've tested with a sphere directly in 3DC and it works perfectly. Otherwise, when I re-import in Blender, all is fine. Thx
  13. Adivaki

    Blender Applink

    Hi Haikalle Thx for your script. I use a Mac and I've this Blender version : Blender 2.5 (32 bit) [34736] I did follow your tutorial about how to install the script. But when i try to export it doesn't work : please see the Error Message Shall I install a script manually first ? Could you give a hand please. Thx
  14. Adivaki

    Retopo menu

    Hi, 1) Could someone explain the difference between the 3 kinds of "merge' option in retopo menu please. We've got : merge with Ptex, merge MV, merge with NM. I did read the manual.But I can't understand when using one or other. 2) When and what for using "bake texture" Thank