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  1. Digman found out the problem, there are some uv islands outside 0 and 1 UV space that I totally missed out. Totally missed those, thank you so much, everyone! And thank you again, Digman !
  2. Hi Digman! You're right, sorry! I'm using 2021.39 (textura) and 4.9.60(Windows, GL64). I run into the same issue with both of them. Unfortunately you suggestion didn't fix the problem.
  3. I believe the UVs are fine as you can see when I paint on the texture editor. You can see how this only occurs when painting directly on the model or projecting with 3D coat.
  4. Hi! I've asked fellow artists with previous experience with 3D coat about this issue and also I tried looking for a solution in the 3D coat forums to no avail, we don't have any idea of what's going on. I'm currently working with this model and when I edit the projection in photoshop... 3D coat will project it on random areas. We've checked the UVs, tried painting in other software such as Substance Painter and we cannot replicate the issue I'm experiencing with 3D coat. We've tried older versions and they all have the same problem as well. I've tried painting the model and it does the same, undesired areas of the model gets painted. I'm attaching 2 gifs from 2 different 3D coat versions. The safest bet was changing the padding settings but this didn't fix it. Thank you so much!
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