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  1. No, it is not working. Pressing this(Reset This page to Default ) other panel will reset to the default size, but the environment map panel is still wrong (by the way, I can’t switch the environment map either. I am very helpless because I need to use light baking) 3DCoat 2021.61 2021-10-14 14-26-16.mp4
  2. I just tried TAB twice and restoring up and down, but it became even more weird. I can’t even turn off the panel after restarting the software. OMG
  3. The environment map pop-up window position is wrong and cannot be repaired I have tried the following methods 1. Update (2021.61) 2.reset all pages to default 3.reset setting But all methods don't work
  4. It succeeded!!!!!! Thank you very much~~~!!
  5. I found that the folder category of the entire software is gone, even the Smart Materials
  6. My brush folder toolbar is missing. I don’t know how to make it appear. I see other people’s 3Dcoats have a toolbar that can switch brush folders. 3DCoat 2021.52 2021-09-22 11-26-13.mp4
  7. Thanks for your patience, but this is a business file I can’t send it, if I have a private file next time I still encounter this situation, I’ll upload it
  8. Although we don't know the reason, we just found out that we can get the correct color by pressing the space bar and then pressing V in the Texture Editor. Everything suddenly returned to normal miraculously.
  9. Thank you very much! I already updated to 2021.47 (see the latest version is this),and I tested the default sphere in Per Pixel Painting mode and it is normal! But the problem still exists in a model with multiple UV, regardless of the size of the model file or the number of textures ...... (The models in our studio usually use Maya to make UDIM tiles and then export >.obj and import them into 3Dcoat.) The attached pictures are all failures
  10. I want to pick the color of the texture in the Texture Editor , but the color isn't correct when I pick it up all the time (I don’t know if it’s related to my use of dual monitors or whether this model is UDIM texture or the computer is not in English......etc) The strange thing is that the gray part outside the wireframe can also be picked to color Thank you very much if anyone can help me solve this big trouble...... 3Dcoat version:2021.06
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