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  1. I tried fresh project and default object, but still the same issue. I will try to send that object
  2. Great that you could reproduce it, even though, my model was uniform and not NON uniform Is a high poly 3d scan, but that should make a difference
  3. Both with mouse and tabled. I use winTab. But still the same...
  4. @Carlosan I have bad news.. the newest version has the same bug. See attached video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n408O7iB3k Did you try it in new version? does it work for you?
  5. Thank you very much, and im sorry im new on the forum, so i didnt notice you have sent the link to the topic about this. Just discovered it now. Thank again
  6. Hi all, im facing an issue with a clean tool, check please this video. It looks like the brush is shifted away from a mouse cursor position. But when i press shift for smoothing that works correctly. Does anybody had this issue and found a way how to solve it? Thanks a lot Tomas
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