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    The Trees, The Trees!

    My question is this: what's the script line that needs to be changed and does v4.x have the tree stuff in it, all grown-up? Or was version 2 the last to have any of the Tree branch of code? (haha, pun intended)
  2. UnCommonGrafx

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    AbnRanger has many points. I really appreciate that Andrew is appreciative of his words, with some agreement, no less. His statements go for so many of us who remain silent on this. Many who have shelved the software, with the same frustrations stated, longing for a stable build with which to use (WITH ALL THE GOODIES WORKING). I am amazed at some of the work that people show as I am amazed as to what I see as their amazing level of patience. Even AbnRanger. Andrew, thanks. I can only ask that you do some of your magic behind a curtain, as it were. That is to say, just like the clay stuff isn't ready, some of your other tools should be played with by the few, not the many. At least until the whole is able to accept them and stay stable. Stability really is the main/only complaint; fewer losses of sessions being the goal.
  3. UnCommonGrafx

    3DCoat "Dare to Share"?

    To tell ya the truth, or the way I see it, is that ZB -IS- on a dare to share challenge of sorts. For those who bought in any where near two, or even three, they have gotten FREE updates to date. I mean, no cash in-flow except for the new users. In theory... And Seldom is it seen a showstopping bug out of a release from them. Andrew would be well-advised to release as solid a release as possible and hold on that solid release. He's got a lot of new brain power on the team and they should develop a bit with a little UI work to boot: still feels a little un-done. Some amazing software capabilities are about to come out of Andrew and company. Truly, a polish of it would be great.
  4. UnCommonGrafx

    3DCoat "Dare to Share"?

    Ha, they don't have to to garner attention.
  5. UnCommonGrafx

    Guedin's sketchbook

    If you have xyz, And you use xyz together, Since you bought 'em (ya know, paids ya money) , then I can certainly understand playing the strengths of xyz with and against each other in order to get maximum value out of one's investment. 3DC will suffer nothing at the hands of one using the hated (around here, seemingly) ZB. It's a different beast with it's uses outside of ZBs scope or concern. For example, I can't go straight to LW from ZB. But I can from 3DC. And if I want to do big mesh to big mesh then these two programs offer that in spades. So, base outta LW; Into 3DC; Bounced back and forth betwixt ZB and 3DC; Export from 3DC as an lwo. They are tools. Not religions.
  6. UnCommonGrafx

    My first sculpture

    A dress would be a skirt and a blouse were he to separate them. This is one of those times where I would suggest putting a simple rig in your character and deform the shapes to something more noticeable for your purpose. That is to say, put the lady in the dress in a pose. My wife has T-posed for me a few times but it's not that often an occurrence. http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=90301 Not mine but since it was in another tab... a great example of posing for purpose.
  7. You make a great point about the sidewalls, obviously. So far, with fair optimization, I have each of these tires down to 50K. I believe I can hit 25k, which would be acceptable, and still have a pretty good looking tire. The method I followed gave me a lot of tris. Gonna look for a way to do this with all quads. Plus, maybe, just wrapping the tread only and sandwich it with a sidewall piece in LW. Much lighter that way. But this is quite cool. Have to see how to do it in ZB. Or if there is a way...
  8. Yeah, I haven't looked at how to approach it, yet. What you show is where I'd like to get to but the way I approached it may have complicated things. Which got me this: It fit on the rim I had but now, the rim doesn't do the tire justice. Gonna look at stenciling something into the tire as an exercise of use for 3dc. This was a very illuminating procedure.
  9. I really enjoyed this tute. Thanks, Phil. What's the smallest you could get your tire and still have detail? 300k seems to be the number I have that has worked. 1.2 milpolys for a set of tires sounds exorbitant.
  10. UnCommonGrafx

    Saved 3b files won't reload

    So far so good. I will give it a go tomorrow, though. FYI, I'm going through some of the autosaves to see what's going on there. I turned it on when things weren't working to see if that would capture things any differently. Thanks. I'll be back with more. Edit: deleted options.xml and so far so good.
  11. UnCommonGrafx

    Saved 3b files won't reload

    Yes. But to no avail. Willing to do so again, sometime today.
  12. UnCommonGrafx

    Saved 3b files won't reload

    Oh, and I got the desk in as a merge and out as obj and lwo. The other objects started with your primitives.
  13. UnCommonGrafx

    Saved 3b files won't reload

    Seemingly each time I work with 3dc. I have hundreds of gigabytes storage available; working on a 4 gig machine with the 3/g switch on. I have 64bit XP available, too, but am not using it at the moment.
  14. UnCommonGrafx

    Saved 3b files won't reload

    Did them both. Actually, was already using 3.3.05 as I sent out this note. I have deleted it twice now to no avail. Rather disheartening. I hope this is fixed soon. So, you were able to reload these files? Their sizes suggest that they are indeed intact.
  15. BUILD: 3.3.04 OS: WinXP HARDWARE: (If applicable): Intel i5 BUG DESCRIPTION: Saved 3B (Voxel sculpts) won't load back into 3dc STEPS TO REPRODUCE: For me, save, make new to clear scene, attempt to reload recently saved file: no go. Examples: http://uncommongrafx.com/examples/deer/BallBlob.3b (4 meg) http://uncommongrafx.com/examples/deer/BallBlob_003.3b (14 meg) http://uncommongrafx.com/examples/deer/BoxPlay.3b (8 meg) http://uncommongrafx.com/examples/deer/Desk.3b (33 meg) http://uncommongrafx.com/examples/deer/Something_004.3b (120 meg) I have others which don't work for me of which I would love a fix. Thanks.