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  1. Hi Kev, Did you find the solution? I have the same problem. I use an M1 macbook.
  2. Melik, I cannot check the move tool now because I deleted the 2021 and started using the 4.9 which works quite well at the moment. It does seem like you have a very similar problem.
  3. I've sent the email to support and I am waiting for a reply. There are a couple more issues which I didn't mention, but they are probably all related. 1. When using a Wacom pen only about 50% of strokes appear on the screen. More or less every second stroke does not register. With a mouse all of them seem fine. 2. Sometimes after using the 3dcoat for a bit a mouse cursor becomes invisible when it is outside of the viewport. That also includes times when I open some other app while 3dcoat is running. Cursor stays invisible until I turn the 3dcoat off. This happens with the pen, mouse and trackpad. .
  4. Actually right now I realised that my 3dcoat reinstall was not as fresh as I thought. Some of the changes in settings remained even after deleting everything from my laptop, reinstalling OS and downloading the 3dcoat again. Maybe it is because I used the same account to download it? I'm not sure. I reseted the settings in the application, but maybe there is something else corrupted that causes tablet related problems. Does anyone know how could I make a completely new installation of 3dcoat? That might help. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried checking and unchecking all of those options, but nothing helps. Actually this morning i reinstalled the mac os. I installed the 3d coat and wacom drivers on a fresh OS installation and it still has the same problem. I really don't know what the problem is. I tried 2 different tablets (both of them work fine with other programs), I deleted everything and reinstalled the OS and it still doesn't work. And the weirdest part is that during the first 3 days of use 3d Coat worked fine. I have no idea what happened.
  6. And to add one more thing: I tried using ipad+ apple pencil through sidecar and the sensitivity in the 2021 version works well. So i guess there is some kind of problem with how 3d coat 2021 interacts with Wacom.
  7. Hello, I'm trying out a free trial version of 3d coat and I was really enjoying it until suddenly pressure sensitivity started causing problems. Every time I make a stroke it starts with a 100% pressure sensitivity and then as the stroke keeps going it starts working well. I attached an image which explains it better. The big sphere appeared at the beginning of the stroke even though I pressed very lightly. It happens every time. I am using a wacom Intuos tablet on a macbook. In photoshop I don't have this problem. I tried reinstalling wacom drivers, restarting the computer, and reinstalling the 3d coat. I even tried to connect another wacom tablet that I have, but the problem was still there. During the first few days of use everything was fine. I don't know what happened and how to fix it. I am really interested in subscribing to the software, but I cannot fix this problem. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I also found an old demo version of 3d coat 4.9 on my computer. I installed it and it works fine. No problems with pressure sensitivity. Is there a way of purchasing that one instead if fixing the problem in 2021 version is not possible? I only used it for a little bit, but I think it is more stable than the 2021 as well. 2021 version crashes quite often. Thanks!
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