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  1. Oliver Thornton

    V4 released :)

    Congratulations Andrew! Best wishes to you and your family!
  2. Oliver Thornton

    Brett Simms Imaging - a few 3DC pieces

    Beautiful work, very nice!
  3. Oliver Thornton

    Cyborg - Voxel Sculpt to Retopology

    Hi all, Sorry for falling off the map for a bit, been a heck of a month. This project has been sidelined, but I will update soon. @YearoftheOx - Yes, the projection captured all of the detail in the mesh, including the shaders and an occlussion pass. The only problems I encountered were the result of the pose I created and can be easily avoided with a bit more fore-thought in design. @Geejay - The sculpt was created as separate layers and then blended using detail layers which were merged into the larger layers when I finished. There is a response to your PM on this subject with more details, but that is the basic technique used. Happy Holidays to all! -Oliver
  4. Oliver Thornton

    Cyborg - Voxel Sculpt to Retopology

    Turns out Andrew was unable to view the last 360 due to codec issues. In case anyone else had similar issues I am reposting it as a wmv. http://www.OT3D.com/cyborg_paintedturn01.wmv @Taros - Thanks Taros. I will post it there when it is finished, it is still a little too uniform in detail for my tastes. Cheers, -Oliver
  5. I was just thinking about how useful this would be just the other day. A brush that lays down an adjustable spline in a stroke would be very handy. The current curves are nice, as is the snake tool, but between the two there does seem to be room for a third tool that creates a stroke along which the curve is generated. The snake tool could also benefit from the 'float' option.
  6. Oliver Thornton

    Cyborg - Voxel Sculpt to Retopology

    Thanks very much geo. Here's an updated image and a link to a new 360. This is a first pass of painting, usually something I do to rough out concepts to use in the final pass. Most of the detail in this particular pass comes from cavity tests and a few simple textures. This was done in mv paint mode, I think I'm going to use dp for the actual final color and spec layers. http://www.OT3D.com/cyborg_1stpaintedrender.mp4
  7. Oliver Thornton

    cloth and imported Lightwave object

    Hi Andy, Once an object is converted to vox, it becomes particle (voxel) data. The conversion may be necessary for the dynamics in 3DC to work (not sure really, haven't used cloth much). Two ways to get the polys you need out of the voxels are to use the quadrangulate command (RMB in vox tree) or the tools in the retopo room. In retopo you can create a new mesh to project the details to, or even import the original mesh and snap it to the new shape. Both quadrangulate and retopo work well, but if you plan to animate you probably want to go with retopo; the quadrangulated meshes do not always have good poly flow. No idea about the reset button, sounds like it might be a bug.
  8. Oliver Thornton

    Thank You Andrew

  9. Oliver Thornton

    Toon Monster | voxels

    Great video! With a normal speed voice-over (talking about freedom, creativity, etc) it would be like a ZB video. What did you use for your capture?
  10. Oliver Thornton

    Cyborg - Voxel Sculpt to Retopology

    No, you're right I am totally confused. It's chris_solo that's doing the Slayer. Serves me right for having multiple forum tabs open while i'm responding and posting right after my first coffee.
  11. Oliver Thornton

    Cyborg - Voxel Sculpt to Retopology

    Thanks guys! @James Thornton: So funny, my brother's name is James as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your Slayer sculpt, great concept sketch. Rolled out of bed this morning and after a cup of coffee and some Cocoa Pebbles threw some UVs onto the model. Literally took about 5 minutes from boot-up to full UV mapping. Had to grab a screenie to show: Only problem seems to be that UVs get destroyed with subdivision. Dropping a note for a feature request to fix that in a sec. Off to run some baking tests now to see how much of the voxel details I can project.
  12. Oliver Thornton

    Toon Monster | voxels

    Very cool, reminds me of some of the creatures they had on the MiB cartoon a few years back.
  13. Hi folks, I decided to give this guy his own thread here in the WIP forum. You may recognize him from my Doodle thread. I actually managed to create a retopo mesh for him despite his chunky thighs, so I thought I would post the results. Seems there may even be a chance to animate him now that the poly flow is all looped out. I'm also attaching a link for a 360 turn rendered in 3DC. http://www.OT3D.com/cyborg_full2retopo.swf <=animated swf of full voxel and retopo mesh (basically the 3 images posted here with transitions). http://www.OT3D.com/cyborg_turn.mp4 <=voxel 360 turn Painting up next I think. Final renders will be posted in the Finished Works forum. I already have some ideas for my next model, definitely in a more rigging-friendly pose, perhaps something more monstrous.
  14. Oliver Thornton

    Autoalign islands by using a reference edge

    Great idea. +1
  15. Oliver Thornton

    first try

    The zombie looks great. Thanks for sharing your in-progress shots, very useful.