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  1. moogaloonie

    AMD and 3D Coat

    So, how do I change my CPUID? Thanks for giving me something to think about. I've never had an Intel desktop, but this is a good reason to consider Intel for my next machine. It's also the kind of shady anti-competitive behavior I have always expected of Intel, so there's that also. So even with nVidia/CUDA, AMD systems are sluggish with 3D-Coat? That really surprised me.
  2. moogaloonie

    Autodesk 3D Coat

    That's a kind consideration. But for selfish reasons, I do care. Here's why: A ) Like Andrew said, one good programmer can work faster with less errors than a team and this often translates to a more stable, more frequently updated program. B ) I hate autodesk, and other companies that are the "EA" of their fields. I use programs like TrueSpace, Carrara and 3D-Coat for just that reason. C ) They own Mudbox now, so anything 3D-Coat had that they still wanted would go into that and suddenly cost 10x as much. Does anyone think Autodesk would sell 3D-Coat alongside Mudbox for only $120? I shudder to think to think what will happen to TrueSpace and Caligari Corp. when Microsoft tire of owning them. Roman Ormandy has been involved in 3D and VR for over 20 years. I sure hope he has a plan "B" if partnering with M$ turns out to have been a bad idea. Look how few small or independent "all-in-one" packages there are these days compared to 10 years ago. These days there are many nice 3D paint tools (3D-Coat, zBrush, Blacksmith), modelers (Silo, Hexagon) and many dedicated renderers also from small dedicated companies. However there aren't nearly as many small "all-in-ones" as before. Daz have Carrara still, though that almost puts it iin the "acquired by EA" territory. 3DSMax and Maya are under the same roof. Cinema costs an arm and a leg now and has become a family of products. You rarely even hear of Hash A:M or Strata now. I think it's interesting that Messiah:Studio combined animation and rendering, yet decided another modeler would be a waste of time. I also thought by now that Anim8or would have become a commercial product. I suppose that's like milkshape getting a renderer.
  3. moogaloonie

    Quick sculpting/painting challenge

    Heh heh... I have had problems with both I guess. This time I'm talking about the forum password. It may have been something I did wrong, maybe I used my e-mail instead of user name perhaps. But yeah, is there any place I can go to change my log-in to something I can remember?
  4. moogaloonie

    Quick sculpting/painting challenge

    Wow, I wanted that program forever, probably long after it had been abandoned. I switched from Amiga to PC in 2000, and Organica was one of the programs I was eager to try. What interested me was that the meta prims seemed to have different varieties aside from just the balls and cubes I'd used before (in Tornado3D). I also liked that each had its own colour so you could easily tell how they were blending. Also, it looked to me like maybe there was a heirarchy allowing you to choose which forms blended and which did not. I always thought that someone could do a nice Poser-type program that way, for example by allowing the forms used in a figure's arms to blend together, but not blend with parts of its body, and then producing an exportable mesh from that. If it could UV map in the same process it would still be useful today. BTW, I actually bought that Digimax 3D digitiser from Impulse. I never used it for anything and still feel that to be one of my biggest abuses of my parents' artistic support. I was just getting into 3D from stop-motion photography and it turned out everything I wanted to scan was just too small for it. I also feel bad for making them buy me Real-3D when I should've known I didn't know enough yet to begin to understand it. (Andrew: I had to request a password again, as once again the most recent one sent to me didn't work a second time. Is there a place I can go after log-in to set my password to something I can remember?)
  5. moogaloonie

    Trees generator

    I really wanted to try this last night, but was having trouble logging on. I'm downloading it now, so hopefully I can play with it soon. I wonder if I can make billboards in Poser using the "point at" option? That way I could just import the whole mesh, and use the grouping tool to create the individual billboards...
  6. moogaloonie


    I plan on using 3D-Brush with Carrara as well. The bones glitch is supposed to be fixed in the next service release, probably coming this month or maybe next. I think Carrara is one of the best deals in 3D, and anything that would make it work better with 3D-brush would be great for me. One thing that comes to mind would be additional painting channels for weighting. It'd be nice to be able to switch from the current preview (showing diffuse, specular, and displacement) to a preview of the hair growth weight map, or to paint the bone weighting to use with, for example, Sparrowhawke's free soft body plug-in. (I'm sure there are other maps that Carrara uses, but those are the first two to come to mind.)