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    Bump to geometry ?

    Just wondering if theres a way to convert an applied bump map (from the shader...) to actual geometry? I would like to apply a shader and use this bump to make actual geometry avoiding the need to brush the whole model and uv map... If not can I request this as a new feature? This would enable applying skin, scales... to the whole model then detailing other locations if desired. This would greatly improve workflow for 3d printing and could make 3DC the must have program for 3d printers!
  2. xrok1

    3D printing joint

    Interesting. Thank you. Is there a surface offset to allow for print tolerance?
  3. xrok1

    3D printing joint

    Where is this tool? Is it in 3DCP as well?
  4. Please can someone explain this for use in 3DC printing?
  5. xrok1

    Simple? Shader to mesh for 3D printing

    That,s disappointing. Seems like it should be easy to implement? Option 1 is only in 3Dcoat, I use 3DCprinting. Seems that shader textures are pretty much useless for the ppl using this program for 3d printing. Any possibility of this being added, just a bump to surface feature??
  6. What is your workflow for this? I've been looking for a way to flood fill a scale or skin... texture and 3d print. I've tried with shaders and adding a bump map but can't get it to export as actual geometry. Texturing manually when you want the whole model covered is time consuming and would prefer to fill then go back with the brushes and add details.
  7. I've been losing my mind, I bought 3DC printing because I thought I would finally be able to print textured things. The problem is I apply a shader, crank the texture scale and bumpness up to 10 and my model looks great but no matter how I try to export no bumpy texture appears on my stl model to be sliced! Please guide me in the right direction I've been searching for years for a simple way to do this.
  8. xrok1

    Trees generator

    are there any plans to add different types of trees like evergreens for instance?
  9. xrok1

    create new pen

    it would be a nice feature to be able to save as new pen when you do a ctrl+c over a certain part of the model. i realize you can currently do ctrl+c, ctrl+v to paste, but if you could save this as a new pen you could then change color etc... and even use this new pen on different models.
  10. xrok1

    2.07 BETA3

    very nice, its good to see things back on track. i was starting to worry that the whole naming thing was becoming more important than the program.
  11. xrok1


    i still like OverCoat better, but 3DCoat is ok. i agree also that you may be holding a little too much to the 3D part, its really not that important when its starts to sound awkward.
  12. xrok1


    done deal.
  13. xrok1

    Zbrush Falloff 3DBrush Falloff tool

    yes you could use scroll boxes instead of slider. they are more compact and adding the use of the mouse scroll wheel makes them nice. you can also usually type a value directly in which is good too.
  14. xrok1

    New name ?

    FinalTouch FinishingTouch BTW, i notice there's not alot of work going into the software while this whole naming thing is going on. this must be the longest we've gone without an update in quite a while now! just call it OverCoat and get back to programming. LOL make a logo with a nice overcoat, wireframe at the top, shaded in the center, then dripping with multicolored ink at the bottom like a wet raincoat; this would show the evolution of the 3D process with your software finishing the whole process
  15. xrok1

    New name ?

    " DreamCoat " as in the amazing technicolor