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    [Solved] Opposite action to extrude

    Ok I found better workaround: Go to "Extract Shell" in layer actions => "Make Shell Mesh Using Voxels"; Set thickness - it will make shell inside your mesh without artifacts; Now turn Surface mode; Run "Objectify(Separate)" - set some basic option to avoid layers with small dots - delete: 300 worked for me; Select layer with your shrank object - it will have flipped normals; Go to "Flip" => "FlipNormals"; Your object is ready Anyway it would be cool to have such functionality on one action
  2. Creator

    [Solved] Opposite action to extrude

    As I said I tried negative values, but it looks like this: I know why it's happening, normals are getting crossed. It will happen in every 3D app, when you revert extrusion. I think I saw deflate in some 3D app that take care of all faces and normals to not intersect or cross each other. I think 3D Coat should be able to do this too
  3. Hey! During last months I'm using 3D Coat mostly for 3D printing, which seems to be the best tool for fast prototyping and merging stuff. Unfortunately my printer is NOT the top quality device. When I create accurate models it always adds 0,15mm of material to each side. It happens because it's hard to keep proper thickness of heated plastic pouring from the nozzle. Now... my solution is to create stuff with dimensions lowered by 0,15mm on each side and it works, but I would prefer to: design proper dimensions (so i can reuse it in better printers later); save file; shrink all walls on normals directions by 0,15mm; export to STL; be happy with proper print; There is Extrude option that "inflates" object. I've tried Extrude with negative values but it creates ugly geometry. One of the silly workarounds is to Subtract component in a cube, creating something like a mold. Then extruding it by amount you want and subtracting our "mold" from another cube. This way you get thinner model in every place. Is there any tool that can do something like inverted-extrude?
  4. Creator

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Hello! How are new versions of 3D Coat? I haven't updated for a while. I'm just curious if there are any showstoppers or very annoying bugs?
  5. Creator

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Guys, prepare for poorly optimized extensions
  6. Creator

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Thanks! I'll try this. I just need to fake AO on some mobile models. I can't do it with texture because of app size restrictions. Maya by default is not displaying Vertex Color. In "polygons" mode select object, go to Color and click "Toggle Display Colors Attribute". Additionally in Color menu you'll find "Color Set Editor" where you can create and edit object's vertex color sets. (more info: http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya-lt/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2015/ENU/MayaLT/files/Coloring-polygons-Make-vertex-colors-visible-htm.html)
  7. Creator

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Hi folks, Is there some way to bake texture into vertex color and export model with vertex color information? Now I'm using Maya + Turtle, but i'm looking for some alternatives.
  8. I like this a lot. Coat-something is not so good. It should be short and easy, then it sounds more pro. Not some fancy-pancy hocus pocus name like Super Duper Layered Coat Shader Pack. Edit: And it should be not associated with other meaning, so users are not wondering why its named "coat" or "sock" or "elephant" etc.
  9. Separate head UV from other parts (i mean UV sets, not UV groups) and before baking of other parts export head normal map texture to file. Delete Normal map layer and bake other parts, afterwards import head texture . Should work.
  10. Fast walk-around is to set Depth Modulator to -1 in Blending tab of normalmap Layer. Hard to say what happened in your case. You're importing this normal map or bakeing it from Voxel?
  11. Creator

    [SOLVED] Odd discrepancy... A bug ?

    Hi I found workaround for this problem. 1) Import Obj file for example to Paint room (File=>Import=>Model For Per Pixel Painting); 2) Go to Retopo Room and click "Use curent low-poly mesh" under Retopo tab i Menu Bar. 3) Switch to other room for the moment and go back to Retopo Room, to refresh UVs (it won't refresh from some reason). Problem is that importing model to Paint room forces you to create new scene... (If i'm wrong, please correct me) So you need to merge your sculpt scene to scene with prepared model in retopo room.
  12. Hi, I've mirrored 3dcoat installer to my server which is in idle state right now. So during the time when i'm not using it for other purposes feel free to download from it.
  13. I'm not posting screenshot, but tested your scene and there are still jagged edges. The workaround is to bake higher texture resolution (for ex. 4k) and scale it in ps/gimp to lower resolution.
  14. Make Live Stream while you "aggressive testing" I want to watch those tests (I hope i don't sound like a little pervert ;D)