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  1. Just checked - I´m using 2021.57... Had there been a bug fixe in between? With the latest update I had to chang the size of the fonts with "Choose the UI font" - because they had been much too small for me. I restored this now with "Restore default fonts". This didn´t solve the issue with this small pop up window, but made the fonts extremely small again.
  2. I tried now all - from small to extra large - but this didn´t change anything BTW: THX for your quick response!
  3. Hi All, Does anybody know why my window for Reference Image looks so peculiar? And how to repair it? thx Peda
  4. Hallo, Will keinen eigenen Threat zu dem Thema aufmachen: Gibt es eigentlich noch jemanden, der 3-D Coat Seminare anbietet in Deutsch? (Taros hatte ich schon Kontakt, der macht das nicht mehr.) Hauptsächlich Modeling und Sculpting? Danke und schöne Grüße
  5. Hi All, I really often use the "plane" command with setting the three points. But since one of the latest updates the size of these points became much smaller. Is there any chance to change the size of them (make them slightly bigger) to make it easier to touch them? (Just as it was in former versions.) And btw: It would be a GREAT benefit, to have ONE command for setting the three points. So not having to press the red button and then set the point, then the green button and set the point, and finally the blue one (or by having to touch each of them on the screen.) But to have one command (or a shortcut) meaning "setting three points" - and then with the next three clicks you define the placement of the three points (and so the position of the plane). THX in advance for any feedback. Warm regards Peda
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