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  1. Layer 0 in paint room is to help visualize the model I guess. Without it the screen has an invisible model/mesh. And erasing parts of layer 0 will create a transparency on parts that were erased. I do need this layer. If there's a better solution to "visualize" a mesh with transparency without using layer 0 that would be good.
  2. geo_n

    3DCoat 2021 Coming Soon & Special Offers

    Any news on the upgrade price and when it will be available? While I still have money....
  3. I hope the new 3dcoat version would handle transparency better. There's some clipping issues I have with 3dc V4. Is there a way to do glass materials as well?
  4. geo_n

    2021 Q1

    Interested to see more videos of the poly modelling feature.
  5. Is there another way or a photoshop way to scale, move, rotate the image projector in 3dcoat? The current one is pretty cumbersome, always scaling from center. It would be nice if I could drag a corner of the image to scale, etc, so that its easier to align image projector to the mesh.
  6. Ah thanks! This is 80% improvement.
  7. I notice the guitar has smooth edges. Will we have subd support? Bevel shader that we can bake to normal map? Congrats!
  8. We definitely need this. On a shader level at least so we can make low poly models with better looking edges.
  9. Do we have a way to align the view/camera to a polygon normal in a model? For projecting textures to surfaces perpendicularly. Not just eyeballing it.
  10. Yep that's the one. Can't believe I missed it in the camera pulldown menu
  11. I'm still on ver 4.7.09 which I find to be stable for my painting needs. Rarely use other rooms. I recall the gizmo should be able to have numeric inputs. But not the case here. No angle snap for the gizmo, too. The buttons on the left have the functions I need. Just seems inconsistent or I'm missing how to do numeric inputs
  12. geo_n

    Black Friday Amateur

    Ah I see. Would like to know asap before I spend all my money this holidays. Lol. Let people allocate the cash now.
  13. geo_n

    Black Friday Amateur

    Probably the same price. Why make it lower? If the price of the upgrade is 100usd, then its just divisible by 12 months for the rent to own. Some people may want to pay upfront to support Andrew immediately. Some might want to pay the monthly dues until they reach 12 months payable. Its good for those people who A. Don't have the upfront cash but wants to own a legit license B. Don't intend to use wip 3dc 2021 right away.
  14. geo_n

    Black Friday Amateur

    The upgrade from the current V4 or earlier license to 3DCoat 2021 will be a paid one. We plan to offer upgrade discounts, depending on the time of your license purchase. Given no technical and commercial restrictions, the price of the 3DCoat 2021 Individual license will be slightly higher than that of the current V4 Professional license. 3DCoat 2021 Individual and 3DCoat 2021 Company will have not only the one-time purchase option, but also Monthly and Quarterly subscription as well as Rent-for-1-year options. Any news on the upgrade from V4 to 2021? No price yet on upgrades? I am also interested in the rent to own option. Same as Substance I assume before they we bought by Adobe.
  15. Is there a way to exclude some uv islands from the packing process in the uv room? Its one reason I don't pack my uvs in 3dcoat because I don't know if its possible to specifically lock some uv islands and only affect the other uv islands.
  16. That looks more complicated that it should be.
  17. Access denied in Mantis. No anonymous login?
  18. geo_n

    Uv mapping - uv squares.

    I've been meaning to ask this for a long time...years actually Does 3dc have uv square unwrapping? In lw its there and I use it a lot. In blender https://blendermarket.com/products/uv-squares Ex. organic shapes, spheres, pipes can be unwrapped into this.
  19. @pickers not exactly. I did try to do what you suggested. @tokikake yes uv island pinning. I want to pack only other uv islands and some islands should not get affected by packing process. Other 3d apps have it. Ex in lw. I want the lower left uv island to stay in place and pack the others.
  20. Last time I tried painter it couldn't paint over different uvmaps at the same time. I had to select the uvmap before I could paint on it. Maybe things have changed since. I don't really see specific tools in both appz that would give you an edge over hard surface texture painting. Projecting photoreal textures and handpainting them is a very generic task. I use 3dcoat because it performs better than painter on low end laptops. Painter was sluggish.
  21. Dont have that option. Output mesh only, where it also exports the textures
  22. I still have the explorer on my 3dc ver. Why on earth would they change it to that "browse for folder" popup!