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  1. Thanks. It's been bugging me since V4. Will contact support.
  2. Are you using the brush only or are you adjusting with the Layer? I'm only adjusting the layer opacity of roughness and metal. Gloss metal workflow is logical but roughness metal seems opposite to me.
  3. I always wondered, is this a bug or my misunderstanding of 3dc. I set texture workflow to roughness/metal and paint 0 roughness, 100 metal brush stroke. It's very shiny. 50% roughness layer opacity. It becomes blurry. It should be opposite right? 0% roughness layer opacity. This should actually be very shiny. 100% roughness and 0% metal layer opacity. It becomes shiny plastic. Again I think this is opposite.
  4. New multires sculpting? Is it the traditional subd multires sculpt that keeps base mesh with uv?
  5. Never seen this kind of workflow in the official 3dcoat channel. Too bad no audio.
  6. My free updates was 13.07.2021 up to 13.07.2022. So I have till 13.08.2023 to avail of the 45 euro upgrade? +13 means what?
  7. Which 3dc version is it working? I need to bake reflections to color map
  8. Still not working for me. It used to work afair. Can you test on this file? Trying the gold reflection to a layer. bake reflection.zip
  9. Is it broken? Trying to bake this gold smart material. It's all black after baking.
  10. I hope LIQUIFY TOOL paintroom is under development. Last I talked to Andrew he said there's big possibility it can be done inside 3dcoat. https://streamable.com/a3edyg?fbclid=IwAR3Ofk8P63hwHotmBAKYd-0W0hYzDvIwkcOI_Q5RpD0a1zZYAO4P1TwrJN4
  11. Since 3dc 2021 this issue started when clicking smart materials. The gizmo doesn't show up at first if the smart material is set to cubic, etc. I have to click "from camera" to make the gizmo appear and be able to use it in cubic, etc projection. Also it's always very very far from the center which is very annoying. I use the gizmo for numeric inputs and move precise transforms.
  12. This issue is not solved 3dc 2022.28 When I switch to ex. stroke mode lasso, my custom navigation doesn't work. I attached my custom navigation with lmb. alt orbit shift+alt pan ctrl+alt zoom LW like.navigation
  13. It's imported model in metric scale 1m cube. I tried your file. It's really strange to switch "measure units" in 3dc. It's like using generic units. Can't really use 3dc 2022 for poly modelling if scaling is so strange. It's like 3dmax with disjointed display and scene unit scale. 2 meters 2mm for the same cube instead of 2000mm
  14. use fixed scene scale checked, scale 100. The 1m cube is +0.90mm I changed measure unit to meters that says only affects display and no actual scene scaling happens. Cube becomes meter units +0.9m from 0.90mm That's just wrong and confusing. +900 mm and +0.9m should be shown in the 3dc when switching display units not .90mm and .9m with the same exact cube.
  15. But do you know the explanation why there's a checkbox for fixed scene scale and another input for numerical setting? It's very confusing. Instead 3dc should just use scale with dropdown, metric(mm,cm,m,km) And international(inch, feet) and adjust all scene settings, brush settings, viewport settings according to the the chosen scale.
  16. Fixed scene scale to 100? What is the description or explanation why we need to put 100? Would be easier to just make 3dc work seamlessly when it's in meters, it imports and exports in meters, etc. This reminds me of the confusion in 3dmax between unit scene scale and display scale.
  17. The 1 meter cube from lwo is 1 mm in 3dcoat. That's why the cursor is huge. There is no option in preference I/O for import scale. There's only an option for fbx export This issue doesn't exist in 3dc 4 scale.
  18. 1 meter cube in 3dc 4. No huge gizmo. ! meter cube in 3dc 2022. I attached the lwo 1 meter cube. 1m cube.lwo
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