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    How do you use Additional Extrusion in Retopo

    BTW, it turns out I just needed to look much closer than I was to see that it really was extruding. Worked great.
  2. crispalomino

    How do you use Additional Extrusion in Retopo

    No problem, kid. Yeah, I'm looking to have the retopo lift from the surface as it is clothing. Do you know what the measure units are on that? Thanks, Cris
  3. crispalomino

    How do you use Additional Extrusion in Retopo

    Ok, Kid (would that be your shortened nick?), thank you, that would make sense on the retopo. I guess I understood that the Additional Extrustion, which is on the menu bar with a number input field, would do an all over extrusion on a retopo piece to lift it away from the original surface.
  4. Hi, I have been retopologizing with 3DC's wonderful tools. The manual mentions there is Additional Extrusion in the Retopo tool bar, which I see. It states, This is a great way to make clothing. But I do not understand how to use it, how much to apply and what it means about merging. Could someone explain, please? Thank you, Cris
  5. Yes, please, I look forward to this, too. Excellent tutorial.
  6. crispalomino

    Blender Applink

    Thank you...that will be very helpful....I am on 2.62 and enabled the applink in prefs.
  7. crispalomino

    Blender Applink

    Hi, yes, I had seen that video, but was hoping that the manual you have mentioned has been done, or that there would be more information on the wiki. I see a lot of settings in the applink, but not sure how each is used and when and for what. Will there be more information on these things for those who are still new to 3D Coat? I understand the Blender side of things and see the painting ability, but not sure on the other things yet. Thank you.
  8. crispalomino

    Blender Applink

    Boy, I missed several pages here...lol...thought I was at the end....well, good to know there is still more...I'll check out the video, but is there a manual on this anywhere? The first page showed what I thought was a link to one, but it wasn't a link.
  9. crispalomino

    Blender Applink

    I was looking for more information on the AppLink to Blender. I see nothing has really been posted for a year. Is there a manual specific to the Blender applink and any other information on how to use what looks like a very useful plugin?
  10. crispalomino

    From Scratch II - The Proverbial Pirate

    Hi, Greg. I am presently doing your rat from scratch series. Excellent timing and voice over. It is quite apparent that you have done voice over work and have a clear and beautiful tone. Some of the best presentation work I've seen in a tutorial. Your efforts are much appreciated by someone who has been wanting to learn 3DC for a long time. I look forward to watching this new series. Cris