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  1. polyxo's post in How to invert zoom axis - mouse was marked as the answer   
    I'm also used to the Zoom behaviour you describe.But there's an easy fix in preferences.
    Just set the Zoom speed to  -1.

  2. polyxo's post in Default Keyboard Hotkeys/Shotcuts. Have they changed with the 4.5 update? was marked as the answer   
    You will not find these controls in Camera navigation. The default hotkeys were removed as one considered the Gizmo
    a good replacement. But luckily a setting in preferences was added which gives you back the old behavior (see screenshot).

  3. polyxo's post in Simplifying STL files was marked as the answer   
    Yes you can.
    File/Import/Mesh for Voxelization In the panel which comes up check "import w/o voxelization (then it comes in as the raw mesh) File/Export Object – in the Exporter you can dial in a value or drag the simplification value. Hope that helps.
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