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  1. I am on 85. There is a render room bug still. If you customize the shader and go to render room the changes are not present. Then when you go to the sculpt room back, the standard shader is on the sculpt, so the customized settings are gone. Is there a work around? I think this started with v84 or v83.
  2. Are you talking about surface mode or in voxel mode? When you are in the voxel mode and you use a surface brush, then you can apply the change (this means voxelization) with enter.
  3. dont get the next build counter. it resets, but there is no new build.
  4. Enter key works for me in version 83. As a workaround you can select the curve in the curve tree window and apply it.
  5. you can make it even easier. Install winehq and you can run the windows version in linux. performance is great.
  6. Tested version 83 on linux with wine, and yes render does this black shaders.
  7. I am on linux, so I cant test 81 as the version 71 is the newest one.
  8. hi, I have build a zbrush matcap. You can use it if you like it. I think it is even cooler than the zbrush one, especially with activated realtime shadows. Preview: zbrush_matcab.3dcpack
  9. Render Room seems to work here. I am rendering with 3dcoat hardware render engine and Realtime Render is activated. I am on version 71.
  10. it is complicated!!! i assume you have not an nvidia optimus configuration on your pc. then do this: 1) extract the 3dcoat package to for example /opt/3dcoat (as a normal user, this is a little bit complicated, but you can extract with a build in unpack manager and move the extracted folder within the command line with cp -R command (lookup how to use it)) 2) make sure you are the owner of the folder, in command line: sudo chown username /opt/3dcoat sudo chgrp username /opt/3dcoat (username is your user, lookup how to use it) 3) i think you will need to set the environment variable, so that there is no startup error (which you will see when you start in terminal) export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/3DCoat/LinuxLibs For this you will need a shell script (mine is named s3dcoat.sh) which extends this variable and starts 3dcoat: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/3DCoat/LinuxLibs __NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia /opt/3DCoat/3dcoat (I have nvidia optimus, so I need these temporary variables: _ __NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia you can skip them, but /opt/3DCoat/3dcoat is important, because it starts 3dcoat. 4) you can than use the shell script in the .desktop file, which should be located in /usr/share/applications. My looks like this: [Desktop Entry] Name=3dCoat Exec=/opt/3DCoat/s3dcoat.sh %U Icon=/opt/3DCoat/data/Icon/3DCoat.png Terminal=false Type=Application StartupNotify=true Categories=Graphics; Comment=Sculpt and paint program Keywords=3d;paint;sculpt;retopo Hope this helps a bit.
  11. if you click apply button in the curve tool options (in kitbash room). the parts will get voxelized into the current layers.
  12. work looks fantastic! it is really unbelievable how good it looks. does someone know his workflows/brushes to achiev this look? I know there are zbrush tuts to imitate this, but I am interested in 3d coat.
  13. Hi 3dcoat community. So I updated to 2021. Really love it. It makes so much fun to play with the brushes. And the workflow with curves is so powerful! Nice additions would be: 1) Boolean non destructive workflow 2) Not all settings in Geometry Menu are saved when starting new session, would be cool if settings would be permanent (e.g. cast shadows) 3) The orbital pick point is displayed in a really unattractive way. It gets even bigger when you zoom in (why? this does not make any sense). I would suggest, to make a really sexy red dot, so you know where the pick point is. This is only cosmetic, but it is really awful to look at. 4) Would be cool, if one could hide the windows bar, which is white and in stark contrast to the rest of the program. It takes too much place and it is really bad for the eyes. Please consider to add this feature 5) Upgrade the noise tool. I like the noise capabilities of zbrush. Would be cool, if the noise tool would get an upgrade. In the current state it lacks to many things. Really a nice program! And the nanite Unreal 5 workflow, really unbelievable!!!
  14. Deactivating Cuda seems to fix it. I am running it on an older laptop, so it may be, that Cuda in version 81 does not work with it correctly.
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