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  1. when you move a control vertex you can choose between that elastic type and the spline type that is curved
  2. Hi Taros I've added spline based deformation long ago too, I think I have made a video about that but cant find it in my blog, or I just tweeted it? anyway I may re upload it to my blog.
  3. Well, all my latest code was in a separated branch, seems it doesn't got merged into trunk in latest releases so yes, seems what you all have is pretty outdated. Ouch. Andrew provably will merge them soon
  4. Hi They are not in beta tools? at least they should be released as betas. I've suggested Andrew that. they still have some issues but last update was really good.
  5. farsthary

    First Official Contest Winners!

    Congratulations! awesome artwork!
  6. @AbnRanger Thank you! and yes, a Bridge tool will be my next addition to the beta tools. I just need to finish the first iteration of QuadStrips before taking another feature project currently is fine but need to solve lots of tiny details that adds up. I want that Andrew include them for the next stable release. Cheers to all
  7. Yes! is possible to make rings. currently I need to polish the implementation a lot and is a WIP, I started this before finishing QuadPaint and then went back and somehow many times I just want to re do it from scratch lol. Also I listened to you all regarding the retopo feature requests, it will ensure my TODO list remain full for this room in times to come But first need to finish this tool, because feature hoping is terrible and I learned that the hard way Thank you!
  8. Thank you for the explanations and examples! really handy and will include them in my todo list , but I have one question, those are desired features to have in Retopo? because in the sculpt room I have implemented a very powerful bridge tool for example.
  9. Hi Finally I could post again, some internal issues prevented my account to do so, thanks the webmaster is solved Thank you all @Michaelgdrs Could you provide me a better example of such decimation tool? (usability wise) I souldn/t be too difficult to implement. @gbball There's the option to dissable snapping to the surface but I think you meant other option like moving freehand in the 3D space those vertices?
  10. Also the tension factor limits the strength of the deformation.
  11. hi thanks a lot for the feedback. Yes, better control of the curves is something I'm researching now. For that purpose QuadStrips will be better suited with splines also. One workaround currently is to create more pinned points (double click) for more accurate shaping.
  12. Yes, brush size dictates resolution. I'm thinking about resolution enforcing and stroke duplication, those are very good features.
  13. Solved the global smoothing and the multi group collapsing issues
  14. @philnoland3d Currently you do can dissable the smooth option in QuadPaint when you will do hard surfaces retopology and preserving details. is the "smooth" option besides "snap" in the tool menu. Though I will improve it to make it specific to the current generated mesh.
  15. @philnoland3d Yes,I performs a smoothing after merge. I can fix this by making it optional. Many thanks for your feedback and use case. Also I will research the multi layers issue, it is a very weird bug