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  1. thank you for your answer! It's impossible even in surface mode. All right. Thank you! I wish there was a simpler way.
  2. blender viewport (left - zbrush edit, center - original, right - 3d coat edit) Hello. I want edit mesh I using surface sculpting mode but As you can see in the image, the texture is solid color because the UV is different. How can i keep the uv and edit mesh like zbrush edit?
  3. thank you. The email came and I sent a reply again, but it didn't come again. could you check my email?
  4. Hello, I recently purchased a 3d coat again. I sent an email, but I haven't received a reply for several days. Could you check my email ? gswempire@gmail.com Contents of the license. thank you
  5. Ok.. I want change also another key. Please Update for this feature~!
  6. Can I make the same hotkey work differently in different rooms? I set E to Extrude in the Sculpt room, but I want to set it to Erase in the Paint room. not stack key.
  7. I treid several time but it automactly create texture layer same name with Object name. (completly random) I will try more and recording video someday.
  8. Oh I see. And I tried with two computer. and both have same result. two computer has AMD cpu process. I think It will be problem. thank you for your answer and sorry for my bad english! And I tried object and layer not same name. It's work at once! But It also can be completly random. so I will try more and recording video someday.
  9. I've been trying this method for a few days, but it's completely random. Even if I set the texture path, there are times when I succeed and times when I fail. Is there any other way than 'decimate, auto-map, export'?
  10. Oh It was extracted at once!It can be extracted only when I set the texture pathThank you very much. I thought it would be automatically saved to the same path as the object without setting it like youtube video.
  11. Surface Mode I think Single, Multi object doesn't matter. I'm using 3DCoat 2022.46 version. in Sculpt Panel. 1 try 2 try ( changed UV) 3 try 4 try This time I fail to export.
  12. This is a really cool feature, and it's what I wanted. Thank you 3d coat team !!!But there is a little problem. It does not work at once.The model was extracted at once, but the texture was obtained after three extractions. Sometimes the texture is extracted at once. I don't know what's the standard, what's the reason. The settings are the same. I did the same thing as this video, but is there anything I missed? 0:10 - 0:27
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