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  1. thank you for your answer! It's impossible even in surface mode. All right. Thank you! I wish there was a simpler way.
  2. blender viewport (left - zbrush edit, center - original, right - 3d coat edit) Hello. I want edit mesh I using surface sculpting mode but As you can see in the image, the texture is solid color because the UV is different. How can i keep the uv and edit mesh like zbrush edit?
  3. thank you. The email came and I sent a reply again, but it didn't come again. could you check my email?
  4. Hello, I recently purchased a 3d coat again. I sent an email, but I haven't received a reply for several days. Could you check my email ? gswempire@gmail.com Contents of the license. thank you
  5. Ok.. I want change also another key. Please Update for this feature~!
  6. Can I make the same hotkey work differently in different rooms? I set E to Extrude in the Sculpt room, but I want to set it to Erase in the Paint room. not stack key.
  7. I treid several time but it automactly create texture layer same name with Object name. (completly random) I will try more and recording video someday.
  8. Oh I see. And I tried with two computer. and both have same result. two computer has AMD cpu process. I think It will be problem. thank you for your answer and sorry for my bad english! And I tried object and layer not same name. It's work at once! But It also can be completly random. so I will try more and recording video someday.
  9. I've been trying this method for a few days, but it's completely random. Even if I set the texture path, there are times when I succeed and times when I fail. Is there any other way than 'decimate, auto-map, export'?
  10. Oh It was extracted at once!It can be extracted only when I set the texture pathThank you very much. I thought it would be automatically saved to the same path as the object without setting it like youtube video.
  11. Surface Mode I think Single, Multi object doesn't matter. I'm using 3DCoat 2022.46 version. in Sculpt Panel. 1 try 2 try ( changed UV) 3 try 4 try This time I fail to export.
  12. This is a really cool feature, and it's what I wanted. Thank you 3d coat team !!!But there is a little problem. It does not work at once.The model was extracted at once, but the texture was obtained after three extractions. Sometimes the texture is extracted at once. I don't know what's the standard, what's the reason. The settings are the same. I did the same thing as this video, but is there anything I missed? 0:10 - 0:27
  13. Thank you! Where can i found tutorial? I can't found how bake vertex paint. there is only bake about pixel paint.
  14. Can 'voxel paint' be converted to 'paint per pixel' texture? "Voxel paint" is good for expressing flesh or broken objects, but I want to finish in "per pixel paint" with PBR.
  15. OMG I don't know why, but pressing "Reset this page to default" in the Windows menu fixed it. Obviously it didn't work when I posted the question, (Reset to default settings, Reset All page to Defalut, Reinstall 3dcoat, Reset this page to default) but it suddenly got fixed. I think, I did not press that button after reinstalling, and it seems to have worked with that effect. Thank you very much.
  16. 'Reset to default settings', 'Reset All page to Defalut', Reinstall 3dcoat programe All of things not work. Can't even access to 'Show all tools in sections' (Can't click because there is no space) I think it is bug
  17. my paint menu disappear. 'Reset to default settings', 'Reset All page to Defalut', Reinstall 3dcoat programe All of things not work. Can't even access to 'Show all tools in sections' (Can't click because there is no space) How can i bring back Paint menu in sculpt mode?
  18. oh.. ok thank you. isn't it also possible in 3dcoat scuplt to 3dcoat per pixel paint?
  19. sorry for my bad english skill. and thank you for answer. but i don't want un-instance. I hope the instance will work in other programs as it does in 3d coat.
  20. Is there a way to save the instance so that it can work with other programs as well? (Blender) I tried using fbx but it doesn't work. (Only the name is seen as an instance.) And can this also be applied to 3dcoat sculpt to per pixel paint?
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