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  1. So far I've mostly liked it. It's really annoying how the UV island preview flickers between the preview and the whole mesh islands when your cursor moves off the mesh. The idea is good, but it doesn't seem like it's implemented properly. If you could click to stay in that specific island that would be cool, but this epileptic strobe effect is horrible. The tool-set seems to be missing basic "Select Edge + Cut" In the UV preview window. Why do everything in 3D when you see what you want to cut right there in the 3D window. In my experience with 3D Unwrapping software you jump between the two when either provides the most convenient option at the time. Another thing about the preview window is that when it snaps to a specific island and makes it larger, it rotates it which is sort of disorienting since you were just looking at a problem area in preview window with the whole mesh, and now have to re-find it in the updated preview window. Also the fact that when it shows you the single UV island preview, it seems to have a different colouring, than in the whole mesh uv island preview. What's up with that? Between the changing colours, and the rotation I've found myself jumping epilepticly between the single preview and the whole preview a few times to find the problem area again. The general experience is aggravating. Another feature I like to have is being able to click an edge/vert/face somewhere in the UV Preview window and press ''F'', to snap to that specific area in the 3D window. Not sure if that is here. The UV room seems like it has potential, but I'll stick with Maya+nightshade+roadkill for now I think.
  2. Hi there, I wanted to ask if there were a way add edges to your mesh in the tweak room? It seems like it should be there but I don't see it. I also was wondering if while you moved verts around, it relaxed that vert in your uvs to maintain their integrity so when you're back painting you don't have stretching. (though 3dc seems to compensate for that awesomely anyway) Just two questions. Thanks all.
  3. Amos

    Competition Forum Anyone?

    True. It could even be 3d coat exclusive. Or not, an idea though. I haven't experimented with the voxels much. Could though for a project. One stop shop!
  4. Hey guys, I'm working on a series of character for an indy game. I thought I might post some of the work I'm doing up here so you good folks could offer me some insight, suggestions, ideas, any of those would be much appreciated. Also, since I did the concepts and am creating the 3D models, I can edit anything. Lets get to it. There will be six in the end, I still have to create two more. -- Concepts -- -- 3D Model WIP -- -Covert-ops Advisor -Production Advisor More to come, thanks!
  5. Yeah, also sculpting hardsurface elements is challenging. When trying to acheive the same results you would get in c4d, max or maya. You can do it, but it depends on what you want really.
  6. Right now I'm creating a character, 3d Coat has been amazing. I love being able to paint my textures, move the forms around in 'Sculpt', back to 'Paint', and edit and apply uvs in the other tab, all in one software! #winning. One thing that came to mind was that I didn't like some of the actual topology of my model I was painting. I really wanted to Merge/Weld two Verts together. It would of fixed everything!! ;P Is there any 'Merge Vertices' tool somewhere, in the 'Sculpt' tab? I looked in the retopo tab, but it looked like there was just retopo whole mesh tools, using my model as a reference. I want to edit the reference though. Hook meh up! <3<3<3
  7. Amos

    Workflow Integration Help

    Thank! I was just trying to figure out if the auto retopo feature only work with voxels, now to convet to voxels.
  8. Hey! I'm new here and love the look of this software, I've had it open for awhile and it seems pretty user friendly. I've got a few questions though, hopefully someone here can hook me up. Thanks! : I would love to use the auto-retopology tool, but, I want to bring in models from elsewhere. So Far I think I have to convert my .obj mesh into a Voxel in order to use this feature? If not, let me know please! and point me in the right direction. If so, how? I can't find any convert to voxel. Whenever I draw my "Strokes" on the mesh in Retopo I've been trying to switch to Voxel > Going to Vox tree > Open Auto Re-Topo > then sneakily switch back once I get the menu (it would be a strange round about way if this were the way you had to do it) then trying to run it in retopo aaaaand.. It doesn't work. -Also, I have been able to get it to work fine if mesh started as a voxel, in voxel tab. Double checked that, but, I would like to retopo mesh from elsewhere with this super handy tool. Let me know! Thanks abunch, ~ Am