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  1. Thanks The retopo was all done manually.
  2. Hi guys, I entered this character in to Dominance war 5. It was created using 3d coat. I hope you like
  3. Spazmortis

    Dominance War?

    I am in Dominance war too! God of the solar system. All 3d coat and maya for rigging and rendering. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=330&t=967559
  4. Spazmortis

    Pigmy Drake

    Here is a character I am working on at the moment. I gotta say Im loving the new instancer tool, and Im looking forward to using live clay for the final details.
  5. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    Here is what I have so far. I still have to play with the SSS, spec and some diffuse stuff eg. skulls But I think its rigging time
  6. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    Im not sure of the total hours, but it was a lot longer than it would normally take for me to create a high detail character. I didnt have any concept art and was just playing around with 3d coat to start with. The character had the overall design changed a few time also, so maybe 2 and a bit weeks of 9-5 5 days a week. Thats including his armour and axe.
  7. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    Here is an update. I finally got some spare time to do some texturing. The Accessories will be done next. Please critique.
  8. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    Thanks guys. I recon I will be finished with the model in the next session I can fit in. then its onto retopo and painting. Oh yeah and I just realize that the upper body was in ram mode and not at full detail in the pic. oops :S
  9. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    Update... Again
  10. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    I finally got a chance to work on the beast again tonight. here is an hour and a bits worth of 3d doodling I promise that the next update will have legs.
  11. Spazmortis

    demon face

    The difference between good art and great art is reference my friend. It is already cool. With your imaginative skills and reference combined, you will kick butt.
  12. Spazmortis

    demon face

    Oops double post
  13. Spazmortis

    demon face

    That looks great, I like the level of detail. I think maybe the lips and jaw line are a little off though. I may be wrong though, I havnt seen your reference.
  14. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    another wasted lunch break.
  15. Spazmortis

    Sci fi Daemon thing man

    Ok I think its bed time. Here is what I have so far. What do you think about the non sci fi ness?