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  1. Hi, 4.38 should read 4.8.38. Cheers, Mkne
  2. Hi, I have been a user of 3DC since about 2012. I stopped using it in so much in 2017, but decided to revisit it now and see how things are going... I discovered I have missed some of its features! 1) I would rather put this question in the 4.8 curves beta thread in the beta thread, but it looks like I can't add topics there... Question: How do I join two curves with the new tools? I can see four promising looking buttons at the end of the new tools palette, but I can't get them to join or detach anything (well any curve)? (4.38) [4.40 crashes for me at the moment.] 2) I still see the curve stepping issue with the new curves when using tools such as "voxel cut". I have tried smoothing the curve, but it still seems to happen to some degree. New curves are excellent, but this is a real problem for HS. Is a fix on the horizon? 3) I have my curves sets to snap to surface, but I still have to "snap to surface" them individually after creation. A quite tedious operation. Am I missing something? Many thanks, Cheers, Mkne