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  1. So, are the last submissions on the 31st or is it locked?
  2. D-BOGG

    Mixamo Contest - Beast- D-BOGG

    Did some more armor blockins, going to do the straps tomorrow.
  3. D-BOGG

    Mixamo Contest - Beast- D-BOGG

    Haven't had any free time, but will finish this guy over the next 3 days. Just started some basic block-ins on his armor.
  4. D-BOGG

    Mixamo Contest - Beast- D-BOGG

    Not sure if bipeds are not allowed or not the rules just state THE RULES 1. Choose a weapon type from above and create the character (male or female) you imagine wielding it. Use the weapons provided in the download link above or create your own weapons. Be as creative as possible! 2. 15,000 Tris Max 3. 2048x2048 Textures Max ( this is cumulative so 4x1024^2 is ok ). One for each of the following map types:(diffuse, alpha, normal, specular, specular color, glow) diffuse, normal and specular encouraged! 4. All entries MUST have a work-in-progress thread in any online 3d community forum. There is no minimum number of posts however we do encourage posting as much of the progress as you can. As for the armor, I say its more in line with lycanthropes that can stay permanently in wolfish form if they choose thus the use of armor for protection, and not torn clothes as seen in classical werewolf films. Worked a bit more on the character changed the snout and stylized the tail.
  5. D-BOGG

    Mixamo Contest - Beast- D-BOGG

    Just did an mspaintover for the direction I may go in.
  6. Started on a stylized Lycanthrope.
  7. D-BOGG

    Merge multiple uv layers help

    Thanks for the help it worked out great.
  8. Hi I'm fairly new to UV mapping and was wondering if it was possible to collapse multiple uv's into a single uv. At the moment my character is separated into body, eyes and horns. I can manually unwrap each object in it's own UV, but then I have no way of merging them together to unwrap them as a whole. Is there currently anyway to do this? Thank You
  9. Wow, thanks for posting the vids. I've learned new things about 3DC with every video you have linked.
  10. D-BOGG

    D-BOGG's Sketchbook

    Hey guys thanks for the comments. Looked up Thorgal reminds me alot of golden age Conan comics, thanks for mentioning it. As for the toes, I added boots to the character and will be refining them. I also figured out a bunch of new tools I have never played with so I'll probably work on this a bit more as i'm having alot of fun at the moment.
  11. D-BOGG

    D-BOGG's Sketchbook

    Finished my viking warrior, I'm actually pretty happy with it seeing as how its a big improvement over my other crap.
  12. D-BOGG

    D-BOGG's Sketchbook

    Started working on a warrior to check out how live clay functions. Still working on it, no reference used so there's probably a ton wrong with it, but this is mostly for fun and to learn the new tools.
  13. D-BOGG

    D-BOGG's Sketchbook

    Update of the woman I'm working on. It's suppose to be a middle age futuristic welder. The arms aren't connected yet and I still have alot of refining and proportion tweaks. Next step is to add a torch to the tank.
  14. D-BOGG

    D-BOGG's Sketchbook

    Started a sculpt of a middle aged woman and used reference for it. At the moment i'm fiddling with the hair trying to come up with something that will be interesting.
  15. D-BOGG

    Spiraloid Voxel Experiments

    Love the way you approached your hard surface modeling in your last Vimeo video, was informative and interesting.