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  1. My Apologies if this has been asked I did. a search and didn't find it. I am currently on Mac when I download the latest of Course its a complete folder of items. As an example If I have installed the brushes and materials from here do I have to reinstall and setup everything for each new version or is there an easy way to keep those from version to version?
  2. Oh thank you! I didn't know that, will be a big help!
  3. Hi, First I am currently on a Mac. I am wanting to know what's the method you use when updating versions as when about the already installed brushes, materials etc and settings. It seems that those installed items are in the folder you have the app running when you installed. Do you copy the new folder contents over the current one, do you keep the folder from the dmg which has the version in the folder name? Do you re-install your brushes and reset it up. I like to keep up to date, and am just restarting to learn and use 3d-coat. Just wanting to get a handle on this Thanks Milo
  4. This is probably something obvious, but I didn't find anything about it and trying to figure out a good way of doing this. I realize that people are going to have their own tastes for this but I saw I was behind a number of (point version) so I grabbed the 4.8.16A. On the Mac it has its own folder which you can drag to the applications directory. My question is this if you have installed brushes, textures etc, if I copy in a new directory with the extension name I would have to go find all those things that were added and re-add to the new 3d-Coat version. Do I change the name to match and let the Mac Merge the folders replacing any existing files? Or do I need to maintain a separate repository of all of the added on items and re-add them to the new version. I hope I am using the right terminology. Any thoughts are appreciated Milo
  5. Milo

    How I can realize a 3D animation?

    While Daz3D hasn't updated it in a long while, there are a few Carrara Pro users and it has some nice animation features and Daz shows me it on sale today for 16.25 but I don't know if thats with their platinum club discount. There have been a few very nice animation done using it in the forums. Its a shame Daz has been burying it. Their DazStudio (free) can do animations I have seen the plugin that you can purchase but I haven't used it or know much about it
  6. Milo

    Old new to 3DCoat for DazStudio paint

    Hi Marcelo, I am doing the same have had 3d-coat since 3 and just now getting some time to start working with it.
  7. Milo


    Hey! I am doing the same finally getting to make some time to learn this as well (Milo from the Carrara/Daz Forums)
  8. Milo

    New & Trouble Already :)

    I just tried it. Click on Voxel, then click on Ball. It came up for me. What version are you running? I found I was on an older one and did a re-install and fixed a different issue I was having.
  9. Well I feel stupid I wasn't on that version. I even looked at it and in my head put myself on the same version. Everything seems to be as it should be. T is there and the other Nav menu items are there. (I need a bigger monitor now). Everyone who tried to help me thank you!
  10. Well I started with a new Document and chose Surface Mode, THen choose a Sphere. If I start in Voxel mode I see whats in the picture above. If I start in the surface mode I get what I added in the edit above. I also don't see the LC under surface or Object between Adjust / Commands. I checked it says I am on the latest build. It shows V4.00.BETA15A I am running the CUDA 64 All I get is Surface/Adjust/Commands. When I start with a Voxel I get Voxel/Adjust/Object/Surface/Commands. If I switch using the V in the Vox tree I get the three Surface/Adjust/Commands The manual shows LC and Object as well but I don't get that on my screen either and of course no T
  11. Thats just it. I saw that recommendation in the forum search. I have no Letter T on my screen. Here is my scren. I am probably overlooking it. I took it out of fullscreen but I think I have everything that is at the top. I figure its right in front of me but I have blinders on. **EDIT** I am going through more of the V4 Manual and on Page 88 it talks about Live Clay. It shows the Live Clay in the surface mode with the tools being located between Surface and Adjust Tools. It shows a image of everything Collapsed. They show the T in the manual, they show the T between the little Arrow pointed to the Left with the Brush shape or something on right at the top of the selections. On my screen there is no T. I also don't see the LC under surface or Object between Adjust / Commands. I checked it says I am on the latest build. It shows V4.00.BETA15A I am running the CUDA 64
  12. I tried to learn 3d-coat in the past. I had too many things going on and gave up (I was the problem not coat). This was in Version 3, I have Version 4 and find all the new tutorials I see going to be very helpful. I remember back when 4 was coming out that I saw Icons in the navagation bar and a way to switch to text or a hybrid. Did that get removed or am I really overlooking something obvious? I tried doing searches on the forum and the V4 PDF but I don't think I am using the right terminology.
  13. Milo

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    I did get it installed, I went to the MS site for the latest version of the same dxsetup for the sdk's it went without a hitch. Do you run the OpenGL or the DX version the installer mentions doing the OpenGL for the 4xx cards so i am guesing those and later.
  14. Milo

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    i know this may not be the right place to ask this. I got a new system (windows So I am putting the 3d-coat v4 Beta. The DX didn't run so I not thinking clicked the setup directx Websetup. It is installing the all kinds of SDK's but I realized this might not be the right one for Windows 8. It is hanging while installing, so hopefully I didnt just mess something up. Does the V4 work with windows 8 (it comes with DX11) I am using a Nvidia 660Ti and the GL works fine.
  15. Milo

    Moving to a new computer

    Thank you very much for the information. Milo