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  1. Thanks. I was interested for something less complicated than writing /constructing a tool from scratch. It is cool that angelscript allows you to do that, but I wanted a higher level instruction like: (pseudo code) run import pointcloud file tool using variables A and B export generated mesh as "name1" delete layer. I guess that would more closely resemble Mel scripting in Maya. If I have to write an importer from scratch, then a mesher from scratch, then a file exporter from scratch, then it most probably defeats the purpose.
  2. I have a simple task that involves importing pointclouds with specific settings and exporting the models out. It can be quite a time consuming task as the point clouds are pretty large and I really don't care about previewing the models created in 3D if that slows down the process. Is there any way I can speed this process up by a batch script that goes through all point clouds in a directory automatically?
  3. I've seen this issue on and off for many years now and still don't know the answer to it. I'm guessing it has to do with large models. The brush will ignore the object in any tool, and will just keep rotating the scene instead. How can I fix this?
  4. Yes, the one Carlosan described is the proper way to get a watertight geometry (even with polygon reduction I noticed). All other export methods result to problematic mesh.
  5. Than you Carlosan. I used the file/export before which unfortunately altered/decimated the mesh but also creating a lot of non-manifold edges. Apparently this export you suggested doesn't, and all the exports I've done so far from the left button menu have been "watertight". This saved me a lot of time. Much appreciated!
  6. Is there a way to export a mesh that doesn't have any nonmanifold edges?
  7. I need some help for a project with a lot of re topology, mainly creating smoothed out versions of 3d scanned objects. (anatomy CT scans) Please pm me if interested.
  8. Nevermind guys, I found the issue right after I posted this. The curvature map actually does register concave edges as dark and convex edges as light, and the smart material has the option to use both type of curvatures as a mask (in the degree icon)
  9. I'm trying to create some dark edges using the toon material, but it seems like the curvature map automatically created when I select any pbr material, only notices the convex corners and not the concave. Is it possible to adjust the curvature map for concave corners/edges as well?
  10. I think a big issue that may have caused all this mess is cause I had multiple objects that I didn't want to bake at the same time because of occlusion issues. I just followed this tutorial and everything works great now. So I had to take a step back and redo everything the right way. But thanks for letting me know how to manage the uv sets, that will come handy.
  11. It seems like I have two uv sets with the same name, and only one of them is used for export. Not the one I want.
  12. I've finished texturing my model. Its made of 4 different retopo meshes and only one seems to export its materials. So all meshes are exported, but only one gets its texture maps. I don't understand why I can't get what I see in the paint room exported properly. This is bugging me for two days now.
  13. I'm working on a project that I will need an artist working on texturing/detailing characters and environments to export in Unity for VR. Some modeling might be needed on occasion. Experience with PBR materials would be awesome, but ability to hand paint details is much more desirable. Please pm me with samples of your work if you are interested. Work might be continuous for a couple of months at least. Thanks!
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