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  1. Obviously. But that's not the point. The point of using the traditional subdiv levels is to not use any kind of dynamic subdivisions. Some people might prefer to work with dynamic subdivs all the time, and that's okay... but sometimes all you need is the fast and straight forward workflow of the traditional subdiv levels... and the way 3dcoat tries to achieve that with proxies etc seems a little cumbersome imo... But thanks anyways for the answers..
  2. @AbnRanger Thanks for sharing this video.. But unfortunately this is a very convoluted and complicated way of trying to do the same thing, hence my request... If the goal of this workflow is to mimic the traditional subdivision levels, then why not do it properly?
  3. As seen in most 3D and sculpting software out there... This seems to be one of the most important things missing in 3Dcoat.. Thx...
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