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  1. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    My comment that you quoted had nothing to do with anything you said. Did you quote the wrong message?
  2. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Dude, you can't claim that your wishes for changes to the Activity Bar are important "fixes" but that everyone else's wishes are just a waste of time. As for the Activity Bar, I assume the icons were made big because it's supposed to be a fast access type of thing. The big icons make it easy to quickly swipe the mouse up and hit the one you want. It was a smart way to design it.
  3. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Actually, it is in fact entirely possible to please everyone in regard to such changes; by making them options, as I suggested. As for your last comment; the post at the start of the thread by Andrew Shpagin asks for feedback, not just bug reports, which I would assume includes feedback on the new UI changes (I don't know why it wouldn't).
  4. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    I'm not a fan of the new feature of the toolbar in the upper right of the viewport being invisible until you move the mouse up to the area. It seems also that it would be detrimental to new users since they would not know the tools are there until they stumbled upon them. It's not a big problem or anything but I think the new hide-and-seek style is the opposite of an improvement. It would be a good thing to be made optional in my opinion.
  5. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    The Constructor tool is interesting to me but I can't get it to work as I would expect it to. The corner pieces seem to be too big for the square and don't line up evenly. Is this working as intended? Edit: Somebody marked this as "confused". I don't know if that means my question was unclear or they are just unfamiliar with this tool. In case it is the former what I am referring to is that I would expect the corner shapes to be symmetrical with the cube shape and not stick out over the edge, as they are in the Joints tool seen below.
  6. In light of the reveal today of the new modeling tools I had a small suggestion. In 3DCoat when faces are selected it draws a line around the border of the face which looks almost the same as having edges selected. It can sometimes be easy to get confused about which mode you are in. In most other apps when faces are selected they are instead filled in a solid color, which is much more visually clear (see comparison image below). It's not a big deal but I think it would be nicer, and would make the new modeling tools more well liked, if selected faces looked the way they do in other apps. Or, if there is already an option to change this I've missed somewhere please let me know.
  7. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat - Vision of the Future

    Having the E-Panel available in the form of an optional dockable window or toolbar is one of the main things I've wished for also.
  8. A tip for any newcomers from Allegorithmic: buy or borrow a 3d mouse and try painting with it. You won't want to go back. Example:
  9. It could be a great opportunity for 3D Coat if they took advantage of it by reaching out to disgruntled Allegorithmic customers and promoting to them the advantages 3D Coat has to offer, such as not requiring a subscription, having painting and sculpting in the same package, 3d mouse support, and so forth. If I was the owner of the company I would be furiously preparing some sort of "come over to 3D Coat" sale to get out today and strike while the iron is hot.
  10. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    THIS, please. If I had one wish for a UI improvement this would be the thing I would most wish for.
  11. Wizardkiss

    We need this to be a thing in 3D Coat too!!

    Here is a blog entry posted today with more details on how Allegorithmic did their port to Hybrid Apps: https://www.allegorithmic.com/blog/substance-painter-oculus-rift-prototype
  12. Wizardkiss

    We need this to be a thing in 3D Coat too!!

    It's using a new feature of Oculus announced yesterday called Hybrid Apps, which is a system of some sort that will make it easier for developers to port 3D desktop apps into VR space. So, the developer doesn't have to remake the whole app and UI for VR, they can just sort of hook up the viewport of the app to the Oculus system and it will take care of the rest (that's how I understand it anyway, I'm probably over simplifying it). Sculpting is one of the most compelling use cases for VR so supporting this might be a good way to open 3D Coat up to a lot of new potential customers.
  13. Just to balance things out a little, I am highly pleased with the development of this program and am amazed by the fact that it is done by such a small number of people. I recently revisited ZBrush for a few days and it gave me a renewed appreciation for how much better it is to be a 3D Coat user. Having said that, I do agree that some simplification of the rooms workflow and modernization of the UI would probably improve the overall perception of the app, and help new users to be successful with it.
  14. Wizardkiss

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Maybe the upcoming VR version of 3D Coat that has been mentioned will be the impetus for a UI reorganization.
  15. It has been mentioned in a few places, such as this interview, that Pilgway has some sort of VR project in development. I'd love to see some tech previews or hear more details about it, such as for example whether it will be a separate VR-only app or a VR mode built into the full 3D-Coat.