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  1. +1 for beveling! @TLE I quickly threw together this script to unghost all layers in the sculpt room. Hopefully it's useful until there is an official unghost all added. 3DC_UnGhost.zip
  2. "Good news: "Instant meshes" implemented within 3D-Coat!" Anyone know what "Instant meshes" are?
  3. Point #2: Save and Load Presets. Load would add to the presets, not erase existing. Instead should be: Save and Load Presets. Load would optionally add to or replace the presets on the current layer. Also: Be able to assign hotkey to Re-Apply Primitives. mantis report: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2337
  4. Correction on the last feature request "Option to automatically clear layer before playback." That already happens when I Re-Apply Primitives, an alert pops up asking if I want to clear the layer first.
  5. Also, is the boolean bevel feature available in the UI? http://3dcoat.com/scripting/d0/de0/classcoat_1_1scripto_1_1doc_1_1_bevel.html
  6. v4.8.10(DX64) Changing merge operations in primitives & import tools do not stick when updating presets in Primitive History. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a new Surface sculpt. 2. Add a sphere with the Primitives tool. 3. Offset the sphere and Subtract. 4. In the Prim. History panel, change the top-most layer "Sphere[Subtract]" merge operation to Add in the Tool Options panel. 5. Right-click and select Update Presets on the top-most layer in the Prim. History panel. 6. Clear layer with Clear Current Object in the VoxTree panel. 7. Right-click and select Re-Apply Primitives in the Prim. History panel. 8. The last merge operation is still Subtract even though it was changed to Add. Link to Primitive History feature requests: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21939-additional-features-primitive-history/ Most important request would be to be able to re-order presets in the Primitive History panel. Also, allowing math operators in numeric inputs would be quite handy for CAD type modeling. http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21940-allow-for-math-operators-in-numeric-inputs/
  7. I would like to be able to enter simple math expressions in numeric inputs. If I need to move an object by 3 units, I would like to be able to enter "+3" after the value in an input box, etc.
  8. Additional feature requests for Primitive History: Re-order preset items. Save and Load Presets. Load would add to the presets, not erase existing. Enable and Disable (hide / show eye icon) option for each preset item. Ability to step through playback of presets to make it easier to debug / modify individual preset items with reference to the built results up to that point. Playback all primitive history presets in object tree. Option to stop / pause playback on boolean errors. Allow fix / update then continue. Option to automatically clear layer before playback. Read below.
  9. I'm having issues with primitive history. It's not remembering to subtract volumes even though it shows it recorded [subtract] correctly.
  10. I've been messing with the new primitive history (very nice btw!) and I've noticed that the Text Primitive does not remember font name, input text or bend options during re-apply primitives. But if I click on the Text prim. layer in the Prim history palette, it remembers the input text and bend options but not the font name. Storing symmetry options per prim layer would also be useful.
  11. Thank you Andrew for your hard work on this! Prayers for you and your family.
  12. +1 Currently doing something similar in Cycles, tiled textures on multiple objects and would like to add additional AO and detail per object. It's possible but I would need to UV and paint first in 3DC then create the 2nd UV map, scaled for tiling, in Lightwave. Would be nice to do it all in 3DC.
  13. Thanks for sharing the video. Hopefully Andrew can implement some sort of polygon level alpha sorting for correct rendering of transparencies.
  14. +1 For LightWave camera also. Sample_LightWave_Baked_Camera_Motion.zip
  15. I'm not a shader guru but I made a few shaders a little while ago (here) There are others scattered in the exchange section of the forums. Maybe the webmaster could create a central shader exchange similar to zbrush's. A thumbnail of the shader ball, example object, description and link to download. Also, it would be nice if the paint room could be opened up more for custom shaders. It's beyond me if it's possible in the current shader model of the paint room, but parallax mapping could be nice. Anyway, thanks for linking the eye shaders.
  16. Unfortunately non that I know of. What little I've learned was from other shaders and bits and pieces throughout the forum. It would be nice to have a pinned thread for shader tips though.
  17. It's no longer a popup and been added to the options palette in the Render room. But I still would like to see bloom and sharpen.
  18. For PC: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Q The shader, I believe must compile successfully initially when 3DC opens. But after that, if an error in the HLSL occurs, the object will disappear until it is fixed.
  19. I would love to see the render room brought closer to real-time renderers like Marmoset or even Element 3D. It's already possible to get some nice renders out and is quite useful for me. But integrating a ray tracer (either within 3DC or some type of applink) would be useful as well. Something like Embree maybe so Andrew could still focus on other parts of 3DC.
  20. That WebGL is impressive, didn't think it was capable of that. Displaying/presenting 3d models and scenes on a portfolio website or forum in an interactive ray-tracer, that would be very cool. +1 for Andrew integrating the Intel path-tracer into 3DC... (Joking...really...maybe...) I'd rather see a more advanced DirectX renderer (Element 3D, Marmoset toolbag, etc) Thanks for sharing pixo, I'll try to compile it when I get a chance.