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  1. I've been trying to bake a hi-poly sculpt from the re-topo room and everytime I try I always get a bad result. It looks like the poly's from the mesh are getting baked in or something. Anyone seen this problem before? Maybe UV's are too non-grey? Googled around a few tutorials, but they always seem to get perfect results first time! Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  2. You need to restart 3D coat to see the tools after turning them on
  3. I've installed the latest beta and baked a roughness map out for a project. When you zoom in close to it (400%), there are lots of artifacts. Anyone else seeing this issue? Thanks
  4. Yep, coming from the hires. As its turned out, flood filling a layer with a fine noise got rid of it. Bit annoying though.
  5. I'm trying to bake from the retopo room to paint microvertex, but I have an issue with the result. I have a reference mesh (hi poly) and import a retopo mesh. Then I chose bake. I increased the map to 4k, but left everything else as defaults. The result is showing the reference mesh poly in the displacement map. Does anyone know what causes this to happen? Thanks
  6. "Your v4 license should work for 4.5 as well. If it's not working I'll get your issue to Andrew or Stas asap, just let me know how it goes." All sorted now thanks - had to copy the dat file into the 4.5 folder.
  7. Hey guys, is 4.5 a paid upgrade? I just tried the RC1 and it won't accept my 4.1 serial number. I couldn't see anywhere on the website to upgrade... Thanks
  8. Thanks for the help! The pose tool looks more promising now and I'll certainly watch that knife tutorial. But it looks like 3dcoat could benefit from a dedicated spline deformer of some kind, to get a nice clean bend, that you would get from a regular 3d modeller.
  9. How do you bend object in 3dcoat - If I have a long box shape, stretched along the Z, how do I bend it to form a U shape? I've tried pose and warp, but no cigar Any help appreciated - thanks
  10. Thanks - I've been discovering the stroke tool is quite good for sketching out areas for quads too. Didn't know you could create a full cylinder in one go though - useful thing to know!
  11. Yeah the re-sample tool is great - its now 1.7 million polys and very little loss in details. I've moved on to re topology now. On paper, this should be easy - but actually I find it quite tricky. I think it's because the basic geometry I would normally start with - a subdivided cube and other such primitives are missing. Things like legs would be easier if there was a tube to start with, that could be put in place and then snapped to the voxels. I did try the auto-retopo and at fist sign, it seems to create a nice result, but on closer inspection, I kept getting an issue with the legs where the polys flow around like a corkscrew rather than even cylinders. I think I need a slightly different approach for next time, but for now I guess it's a poly at a time!
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