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  1. Hi Stas, Thanks for getting back to me. I understand now and will keep an eye open for the new stable release. Thanks, Andrew.
  2. Logging in and out doesn't help me. I haven't installed a new version since 2022.39 which was still within my yearly update cycle. If I update to 2022.41 which was released after my free yearly update cycle expired, will this trigger the upgrade offer to appear in my account? Or should it appear automatically? Either way it isn't appearing. Thanks, Andrew.
  3. Just saying, that 3D Coat was initially a painting app before it got sculpting etc.
  4. Ha, I have done the same thing in the past, glad you got it working Andrew.
  5. Unless I have misunderstood your question, version 2022.02 should use the 2021 license you purchased. Andrew.
  6. Hi Andrew, I have installed .99 and it now works as expected without the error message appearing Thanks, Andrew.
  7. Hi Andrew, Deleting both python.dll and python39.dll stops the message appearing. Andrew.
  8. Hi Andrew, I have installed .98 and it now launches, however I am now seeing a message at the bottom of the screen "The program data was changed, it is impossible to function correctly, please reinstall.". I deleted the Docs/3DCoat-2021 folder and reinstalled but still get the same message, I have attached an image for you. Thanks, Andrew.
  9. Thanks Andrew, I will keep an eye open for the next build and let you know how I get on. Andrew.
  10. Hi Andrew, I have emailed you the information you requested, let me know if you need further details. Thanks, Andrew.
  11. Hi, I just tried .97 and still get the black screen. If it helps I am using RX 6600 XT with the latest drivers on Windows 11. .95 works fine. Thanks, Andrew.
  12. This is still broken for me, I just uninstalled .96, downloaded it using a different browser, reinstalled and all I see is a black screen. Thanks, Andrew.
  13. Hi, When I launch 2021.96 I get a black screen that has the title bar but no menu, launch dialog with options, workspaces or anything else but a black screen, anyone seen this? I uninstalled it and reinstalled 2021.96 with the same result of a black screen, reinstalling 2021.95 over the top of 2021.96 works as expected. Thanks, Andrew.
  14. I agree about the need for a great user manual but the main problem with a graphics based solution is the amount of work to keep it updated if the UI keeps changing, we do need graphics in the manual, but I just don't think it is a good solution to have a comic style manual (if that is what you are suggesting) where you just have pages of graphics? Andrew.
  15. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me on both questions. I am sorry if my question came across as inferring the maintenance was obligatory, that was unintentional. I believe now you have made it clearer for me how the maintenance works and that you can get back onto the cheaper upgrade path at a later time. I do think Pilgway are being flexible with the customer and do intend to upgrade. Thanks again. Andrew.
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