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  1. 11 hours ago, stas3dc said:

    Hello Andrew - when the next stable build (not beta on the forum) will be available in the Download section (https://3dcoat.com/download/?download=windows) after your free yearly update cycle the upgrade offer will appear automatically in your account. The logic is the following - we sell the upgrade - we do not sell just the maintenance officially. We sell license for the last stable build.  12 months of free upgrades after the last upgrade is just our gift.  

    So if you want to buy the upgrade, you should have something available to buy. So there should be at least one stable build (not beta on the forum) in the Download section which you could not download during your free yearly update cycle. Now 3DCoat 2022.39 is the latest stable build in the Download section, which was still within your yearly update cycle (as you wrote). That is the reason why you can not make the upgrade. So please wait a little bit when we make the next stable build in the Download section. I hope that will be this week. After that the upgrade offer will appear automatically in your account.






    Hi Stas,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I understand now and will keep an eye open for the new stable release.



  2. 7 hours ago, Carlosan said:

    Try login out/in.

    Hope it help

    Logging in and out doesn't help me.

    I haven't installed a new version since 2022.39 which was still within my yearly update cycle. If I update to 2022.41 which was released after my free yearly update cycle expired, will this trigger the upgrade offer to appear in my account?

    Or should it appear automatically?

    Either way it isn't appearing.



  3. 7 minutes ago, Elemeno said:

    nah dont get me wrong.. i love 3dcoat... it allows me to be creative without worrying but 3d coat shouldnt have any paint features..

    allow it seperate to textura , so textura can be fully dedicated to painting and texturing

    sometimes 3d coats painting can be super confusing and because its not as popular as other texturing software theres not much content out there paid and youtube

    i think a future feature for both textura and 3d coat a full ui revise would be amazing to be more simplified and increase the workflow speed

    Just saying, that 3D Coat was initially a painting app before it got sculpting etc.

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  4. On 2/4/2022 at 8:24 AM, Andrew Shpagin said:

    Thanks, now understood, we will fix it asap, very probably, today.

    Hi Andrew,

    I have installed .98 and it now launches, however I am now seeing a message at the bottom of the screen "The program data was changed, it is impossible to function correctly, please reinstall.".

    I deleted the Docs/3DCoat-2021 folder and reinstalled but still get the same message, I have attached an image for you.



    Screenshot 2022-02-06 150924.png

  5. I agree about the need for a great user manual but the main problem with a graphics based solution is the amount of work to keep it updated if the UI keeps changing, we do  need graphics in the manual, but I just don't think it is a good solution to have a comic style manual (if that is what you are suggesting) where you just have pages of graphics?


  6. Hi,

    Thanks for getting back to me on both questions.

    I am sorry if my question came across as inferring the maintenance was obligatory, that was unintentional. I believe now you have made it clearer for me how the maintenance works and that you can get back onto the cheaper upgrade path at a later time.

    I do think Pilgway are being flexible with the customer and do intend to upgrade.

    Thanks again.


  7. Just a follow up to the question I asked about maintenance cost, I emailed sales@3dcoat.com a week ago but so far I haven't had a reply, I appreciate they are probably snowed under at the moment so rather than send it again I am going to leave the message I emailed them in this post in the hope it gets answered by someone from Pilgway.



    I have a two questions regarding 3D Coat 2021 licensing and maintenance.


    I have been a user of 3D Coat since Windows version 2, I upgraded to version 3 and also added a Linux license, I then upgraded both licenses to version 4 and later on you kindly converted the Linux license to Mac.




    With the above in mind I currently have 2 licenses of 3D Coat V4 on my account, one for Windows and the other for Mac.


    Does this mean I can upgrade both licenses on my account to version 2021 and use them simultaneously on two of MY personal computers?




    Your description of how maintenance works is a bit confusing and I would like to know how you handle the following situation.


    I believe you say if you upgrade the maintenance every year continuously without missing a payment you will pay €40 (or whatever it works out to cost) for each year of maintenance, if you miss a payment the cost of your next maintenance will be €90.

    Does this mean that if I miss paying the maintenance one time I will be permanently locked into paying the €90 (or whatever the cost ends up being) for ALL future upgrades or can I get back on the cheaper €40 upgrade path again at a later date by continuing to purchase continuous yearly upgrades?


    Basically, if I miss a yearly maintenance payment will I be forced to pay ALL future upgrades at the higher price?


    The reason I ask is because Lightwave had a similar system and it ended up being unpopular with a lot of users.


    I hope that makes sense, if not please let me know.





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  8. 1 hour ago, MkIII said:

    Are people in the US not able to look up exchange rates? It doesn't show pounds Sterling either, but I overcame that hurdle. A bigger problem that you should worry about is that the prices do not have VAT added. This is not correct IMO. VAT should be added to the price or the rate of VAT (which varies from state to state), should be shown.

    Yeah I noticed that about VAT, if I remember rightly Pilgway don't add it to the price if you are from the EU however I don't know if that still affects the UK?

  9. 7 hours ago, AbnRanger said:

    ...the annual maintenance I believe will be roughly 40-50 euros, and there will not be a penalty for skipping a year, so it is very fair.


    I just found the reference to what I was discussing earlier in this link (https://pilgway.com/licensing/9), if this is incorrect then please ignore however the bit I am interested in is the last two paragraphs where they talk about 40 euros for consecutive years of maintenance and 80 euros for upgrades if they are not consecutive year(s).

    To me it is not clear and does indicate there is a penalty for missed years in the maintenance plan?




  10. The original question was for upgrade pricing, are you hinting the upgrade price might be the same price as the current new license price of 379 euros?

    I agree Pilgway are a fair company but I am not a fan of yearly maintenance in any software, also how they describe it is confusing unfortunately I can't find the reference to it at the moment but, from what I remember they mentioned the first year maintenance upgrade would be say 40'ish euros if you purchase it when your current maintenance expires but cost more if you let it lapse. However they also say (I think I am remembering correctly) it will stay cheaper if you keep paying the yearly maintenance but more expensive if you let it lapse then pick it up later. So does this mean if you let it lapse once you will be paying the higher price for all future upgrades or can you get back onto the cheaper price later down the track so to speak?

    This sounds like what Lightwave did and I wasn't a fan of that either.

    A lot of the time 3D Coat feels like it is in perpetual beta so how many stable releases are there going to be during a single year of maintenance?

    Again, this isn’t me slamming Pilgway, I think they are a great company and will most likely upgrade to 2021 but I would be kidding myself if I said I didn’t have some reservations about the new license changes going forward.


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  11. 2 minutes ago, haikalle said:


    Please find Exchange_folder.txt file from your computer and delete it. That should fix that problem.

    Hi Haikalle,

    Thanks for the quick response which fixed the issue, for anyone interested the file is in your Documents/3DC2Blender folder.

    I honesty thought I had done this (I initially had the same issue under Windows).

    Thanks again :)



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  12. Hi,

    I tried this on the latest build of blender (both 2.90 and todays 2.91) and 3DCoat 4.9.60 for macOS but cannot get it to work.

    I get the following error when trying to send a default blender cube to 3DCoat.




  13. I don't normally get peeved at these things but speaking for myself I didn't pay to use a version running under wine I paid for the native version which hasn't seen an update in a very long time.

    Also, constantly being told to email 3d coat directly makes it seem like they are brushing it under the carpet and don’t want to discuss it in the open. We were initially told the native version was being worked on and converted to a new library now we are being told to use the wine version.

    I am no longer optimistic there is going to be a native version going forward.



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