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  1. I can't post anything to the 2023 Feature requests wishlist - can you please add this one to the list?
  2. Are there any plans to add a warp projection tool like we have in substance painter 2022? https://substance3d.adobe.com/documentation/spdoc/warp-projection-220857149.html
  3. Both videos are so inspiring. It is great to see a real master at work with no limitations. Your workflow is orgainc and smooth - perfect. After seeing this and Planet of the Apes last evening, I am filled with enthusiasm. What tools and settings are you using in the "alien head" video? In particular, how are you making the sharp edges, "crease" cuts and masking off areas of the sculpt for more detailing? Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. That is great to hear, because I have been really struggling with the back view.
  5. Thanks!!! You have been very helpful!!! I will address those areas next.
  6. Progress update renders. I was able to make lots of improvements since initial post thanks to your tips and help. Increasing voxel density really helped me gain control of the surface. Your comments are appreciated.
  7. Great observations!!! thank you!!!
  8. It is always great to see your work. You are one of my all-time CG heros! I learned all about topology and how to sculpt in 3D watching your Mirai videos many years ago, and I am still learning. Andrew is very lucky that you are using his SW. Thanks for continuing to share your amazing talents with the world.
  9. Nice renders!!! Looks great in the engine. What trick can you shar about how to preserve asset details in game???
  10. Here is another model I am working for my project.... This one is a little closer to completion than the muscular male. This one is based on an actual person I know, so I was able to capture lots of reference as opposed to the male where I am working from my head. I still need to finish the baiting suit and work on the face and eyes before putting a fork in this one. Please give feedback on what else I can do to make this better and other areas for improvement.
  11. Thanks for your tips and suggestions. I reworked the abs and made them less symmetrical... I will also add more fat to soften the sides as suggested...
  12. These are very good!!! Thanks man!
  13. Attached are some screen shots that show the latest updates to the project. Thanks for all of the help so far!!!! Your continued comments are greatly appreciated.
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