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  1. strange, it looked like this thread was about Farsthary's 3D Coat updates but it seems to be a private conversation between michalis and polyxo....
  2. mulciber

    Reference mesh in the voxel room

    In the merge tool settings there is a checkbox called "merge without voxelization" or something very similar to that (I installed the German version during the last beta update by accident so I'm not sure about the exact English wording), that should do the trick.
  3. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    You're right, just double-checked on my work pc, I'll maybe make a brighter version tonight along with some color/brightness calibrations on my TV...
  4. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    Worked some more on internal bits and detailling on the slide. Grip area should be next...
  5. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    started to block out the grip and trigger area
  6. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    rendered out a quick turntable, make sure to watch in 1080p:
  7. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    refined the slide area a bit more:
  8. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    wish I had more time to work on this, my trial version is running out soon...
  9. mulciber

    Rotate snap into lasso tools.

    Can't you use the cube primitive to boolean a 45 degree surface out of your voxel shape? You can rotate snap the boolean primitives to 45 degrees when holding shift while rotating it. It only snaps to 45 degree angles though as far as I know, so manually defining the rotation increments would be quite useful indeed.
  10. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    Cool tutorial, man. Are there more voxel sculpting videos or is it just the one where you sculpt the grip? Here's another update on my pistol:
  11. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    thanks guys, here's a small update. Really love those voxels so far....
  12. mulciber

    voxel pistol

    I've discovered 3d coat just recently and only played around with the curves and organic shapes so far. This is my first hard surface test in 3d coat, just freestyling some scifi pistol as I try to figure out the tools. Mainly done using the hide tool and primitives for boolean operations.