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  1. Problem object seems to move in space without even touching it that goes goes for voxel as well as surface sculpting.. Weird, I don't know of that is a driver problem or what.
  2. Scott Padbury

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Can some one please answer my question?
  3. Scott Padbury

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Why am I not getting the Beta to work ? It keeps coming up with the old..Thx
  4. Scott Padbury

    Twitter discussion: What Andrew is currently doing.

    This is great news I am glad I came here to see what is up. I was looking at Substance Painter but I don't see a need for it now since I saw this thread, keep up the good work Andrew.
  5. Scott Padbury

    3D Coat Inside

    Like the Gargoyle..
  6. Scott Padbury

    Macy's Beleive O Magic

    Nice work Leigh it has been a while since I was back here..
  7. Scott Padbury

    3dcpack problem?

    Much thanks that is where it was. I never noticed that until you mentioned it. You learn something new everyday.
  8. Scott Padbury

    3dcpack problem?

    File>Install extension> restart, for some reason they do not show up when I restart what am I doing wrong? No brushes masks nothing..
  9. Scott Padbury

    3dcpack problem?

    Thanks, yes..
  10. Scott Padbury

    Dino fun

    Looking good Digman.. Garagarape, you will like Messiah, it is alot more user friendly then Maya.
  11. Scott Padbury

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Nice job!!
  12. This is going to be used on a independent film project not sure at what capacity right now. 90 percent was textured in 3d coat while the rest was done with nodes in Lightwave 3d. rendered in Lightwave.
  13. Scott Padbury

    Garagarape sketchbook

    I have not been back in a while that is really cool! Nice job..
  14. Scott Padbury

    Pigmy Drake

    looking good.
  15. Scott Padbury

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Come on now lifting your Wacom pen is not exercise? LOL That is a good point thou. Nice job on the skulls Leigh..
  16. Scott Padbury

    Garagarape sketchbook

    That looks great!
  17. Scott Padbury

    Ara Ang

    Nice detail on the zipper great start..
  18. Scott Padbury

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Looking good!!
  19. Nice javis!! I actually did a shoe design a couple of years ago in Lightwave but 3DC would have been great to use for it..
  20. Scott Padbury

    The Pirate

    Very cool.. What did you use to animate it?
  21. Scott Padbury

    Goblin figure

    Wow, great job Garagarape, it would be nice to see a more of a rustic metal look on metal parts would really make it stand out I am sure you are probably not finished yet.
  22. Scott Padbury

    Pocket Submarine

    I hope you are going to do and animation with this..
  23. Scott Padbury

    Garagarape sketchbook

    I like the characters they turned great..
  24. Scott Padbury

    IMI Mini Uzi Uzon gun sculpture

    pretty cool Phil, nice and clean. Question, did you build all your parts in 3DC or did you bring in parts made in Lightwave for instance?