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  1. Hello. It's an issue that i encounter since a long time. In the paint room, with the clone tool, the cloned depth is always added to the existing depth. I wish that the cloned depth would replace the existing depth. Switching from Blend to add mode dosen't change anything. Only Max depth seems to work
  2. Frimasson


    I modeled basic shapes in blender that i sculpted in surface mode in 3d coat
  3. Frimasson


    Sculpted with 3d coat rendered with Blender / Cycles
  4. I can't see the reproject tool in my UI. I use 3dc 4.8.34
  5. Bug that occur in 4.8.23 (but not in 4.8.20) Baking displacement from surface sculpt mode create a shelled mesh How to reproduce it : Open the defaut sphere in surface sculpt mode Create an auto retopo mesh In retopo room bake with per pixel painting with displacement In sculpt room, the sphere has now a thickness, a shell. Another sphere appeared inside the first one
  6. Is it possible to layout UDIM UVs in 3d Coat, actually ?
  7. I used the new baking tool added in march, and i've got a couple of improvement suggestions : 1 : to be able to switch on / off the symetry during the paint process 2 : to have a backface culling option. Useful especially on thin surfaces 3 : a tool to tweak vertex by vertex the bake depth
  8. The layer was in surface mode.
  9. I found a UDIM numbering issue I import a mesh with 6 udims in retopo room I bake , then in paint room, the Udims tiles are in wrong order original udim order : 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 3dc correponding order : 1006 1005 1004 1002 1003 1001
  10. I can't import in surface / sculpt room a mesh higher that 25 millions polys, without a virtual memory error. I'm on Win7, with 64 go of ram
  11. Frimasson

    First creation in 3d with 3d coat

    Nice croc.Well don
  12. when the boolean fail, most of the time, hole appear around the intersection thantk for the advice, digman In summary : closing holes in 3dc dosen't fix the problem and takes hours A projection tool could be a nioe addition A mirror tool to mirror only part of a model, could be a nioe addition too
  13. I nailed the problem, and try to find a quick way to fix it in 3d coat Actually, i open the mesh in Zbrush, create auto groups by topology continuity, split the loose groups and delete them, closes holes, and re-export the model in 3dc
  14. I'm working on creatures sculpting for an advertising, in surface sculpting mode. At some point, the director asked to add body parts (wings) I had to possibilities : 1 / To convert the mode to voxels, do booleans, then reconvert to polygons. Even with a 160 000 000 voxels/poly models, a lot of fine details were lost 2 / try to merge new parts with booleans I have repetitive issues with merge booleans in 3dcoat. The bridge tool dosen't worked well either in this case. I ended to do the boolean in blender with a 22 million poly model Is it possible to have a more robust or permissive boolean in 3d Coat, that worked even ii a have to fix some holes, or mesh issues ? It is the main bottleneck in my workflow Thanks