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  1. My request : In the paint room, a Clone tool that clone only the high frequency details and keep the overall tone, like the healing brush in Photoshop I could be very useful to repair textures
  2. And if i open the model with white parasite pixels in 3dcoat 4.5 or 3d coat 4.9, the parasite pixels are gone If i load in 3d coat 2021 the model previously saved in 3dcaot 4.9, the parasite pixels dosen't show up anymore.
  3. I've got a display issue on UV seams in paint room (parasite pixels that i can't rid of ) And this bug wasn't in 3dc 4.5 The texture was baked in Zbrush, touched up in 3d coat 2021 ( i wasn't able to get rid of white pixels ) And, when i load the model in 3d coat 4.5, white pixels are gone
  4. A couple of bugs : In paint room, the color picker dosen't work in the texture editor window With the clone tool, the through all layers option dosen''t work.
  5. I hope that heavy mesh import will be improved in 3dc 2021. actually in surface sculpt mode, i can't import a 20 millions polys in Obj, Ply or in Stl without a crash. (out of meme error) And I've got 64 go of ram
  6. 2 cents : The new super relax brush is FANTASTIC to clean rough scans You should add a " super relax whole model" in one click tool
  7. Hello. It's an issue that i encounter since a long time. In the paint room, with the clone tool, the cloned depth is always added to the existing depth. I wish that the cloned depth would replace the existing depth. Switching from Blend to add mode dosen't change anything. Only Max depth seems to work
  8. I modeled basic shapes in blender that i sculpted in surface mode in 3d coat
  9. Sculpted with 3d coat rendered with Blender / Cycles
  10. Bug that occur in 4.8.23 (but not in 4.8.20) Baking displacement from surface sculpt mode create a shelled mesh How to reproduce it : Open the defaut sphere in surface sculpt mode Create an auto retopo mesh In retopo room bake with per pixel painting with displacement In sculpt room, the sphere has now a thickness, a shell. Another sphere appeared inside the first one
  11. Is it possible to layout UDIM UVs in 3d Coat, actually ?
  12. I used the new baking tool added in march, and i've got a couple of improvement suggestions : 1 : to be able to switch on / off the symetry during the paint process 2 : to have a backface culling option. Useful especially on thin surfaces 3 : a tool to tweak vertex by vertex the bake depth
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