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  1. Thanks for posting this Carlosa! Glad to see the fans thinking of us!
  2. "Dear contestants and watchers! The Mixamo Fantasy War 3D Character Contest has come to a close and the winners have been chosen! We were hard pressed to choose only three winners. In fact there was a lot of debating in the Mixamo office last week about who should take the title but through the democratic process of hand raising, we finally elected the winners: Check out the updated contest page here: [ MIXAMO FANTASY 3D CHARACTER CREATION WINNERS] -- Don't forget to read more about it on our blog! Those are some amazing entries right?! Wouldn't it be cool to run them through the Mixamo Auto-Rigger and start applying some of our monster, action or adventure motions? Want to try it out and post a video of the results? We would love to see your work in motion! We're looking forward to launching our next contest in a few weeks, giving more to the community and inviting everyone to join us, so stay tuned! The Mixamo Team www.mixamo.com"
  3. Mixamo is launching it's THIRD character contest. The Mixamo Fantasy War! Five weapon based classes are available to choose from, weapons are provided or you can create your own! Just imagine the type of hero or villain who might wield one of these weapons and let your imagination run wild! Head over to http://www.mixamo.co...er-contest-2012 for the class types, submission form and full details! Prizes: 1st place: $1000 cash - 50 Mixamo Credits -Interview and Featured on Mixamo* - Professional Rendering of Your Character 2nd place: $500 cash - 30 Mixamo Credits - Interview on Mixamo* 3rd place: $250 cash - 15 Mixamo Credits - Interview on Mixamo* *Previous winners not only got their interviews on Mixamo but other 3d news media websites as well. It's a great opportunity for exposure Deadline: August 19th @ 12:00pm PST The Rules: 1. Choose a weapon type http://www.mixamo.co...er-contest-2012 create the character (male or female) you imagine wielding it. Use the weapons provided in the download link on the main contest page or create your own weapons. Be as creative as possible! 2. 15,000 Tris Max 3. 2048x2048 Textures Max. One for each of the following map types:(diffuse, alpha, normal, specular, specular color, glow) diffuse, normal and specular encouraged! 4. All entries MUST have (Required) a work-in-progress thread in any online 3d community forum. Feel free to start your thread on this forum and post the link to it in this thread! The Submission: You must submit at least 3 images each a minimum size of 1280x1024 1. Beauty Shot: (Posed, lit and rendered for the best presentation) 2. Construction (A shot depicting the wireframe in at least one front and back shot) 3. Texture Sheet (A single images displaying all used texture maps) Get all the details and submit your final renders at: http://www.mixamo.co...er-contest-2012
  4. The Fantasy 3D Character Modeling Contest by Mixamo is now officially closed for submissions! (For real this time.) Thanks to all of you for the amazing entries. Winners will be posted shortly. Good luck to all of the contestants. -Mixamo
  5. Sorry folks there was a misunderstanding, contest is still going, please continue! You have plenty of time to finish.
  6. Deadline has been extended because of popular request to Aug 31st at 12:00 PM PST!
  7. Hey everyone, we're Mixamo. We just put together a great tutorial on how to use Mixamo and 3D Coat for amazing results. It's now easier than ever before to get animation on your 3D Coat characters using our Auto-Rigging and Animation services! Let us know what you think. Cheers, -Mixamo
  8. Blend Swap adds Prizes to the Mixamo Fantasy Contest Mixamo partners Blend Swap have offered to help sponsor the Mixamo Fantasy contest by adding some great membership deals to the winnings. For those who don’t know, Blend Swap is a Free, Open Source, 3D model repository for Blender 3D Artists, where anybody can download and share their models with the world. The new prize list looks like this: Prizes: 1st Place - $1000 cash – 50 Mixamo Credits – 1 Year Membership with Blend Swap – Interview and Featured on Mixamo – Professional Rendering of Your Character 2nd Place - $500 cash – 30 Mixamo Credits – 6 Month Membership with Blend Swap - Interview on Mixamo 3rd Place - $250 cash 15 Mixamo Credits – 1 Month Membership with Blend Swap - Interview on Mixamo
  9. Carlosa, sellswords and mercenaries could be defined as humans. In fact we welcome humans. Cheers!
  10. This is a very awesome idea, great start!
  11. It's a valid point BeatKitano, thanks for the feedback
  12. The reason we're asking you to stick with the weapon provided is because we're going to be release a huge weapons animation pack feature these 5 weapons. Realistically you could create a different weapon for the class but it wouldn't be able to be feature in our weapon demonstration. We're bring in some amazing weapon master to put on the capture suit and bring these weapons to life and some of the winning characters will be featured in this.
  13. Yes, you are allowed to create your own weapons, and please do!
  14. "Mixamo would like to announce that The Auto-Rigger is now free for any mesh under 10,000 triangles." This amazing free option that can be beneficial to 3D Artists beginner and advanced. Check it out here: http://www.mixamo.com/c/auto-rigger
  15. Mixamo is excited to announce our second official character contest. The Mixamo Space Battle Character Contest. Choose one of the two sides below, create your character based off the three requirements and be as creative as possible! We know there are a lot of talented character artists out there and we have some awesome prizes this time around! Prizes 1st place: $1000 cash - Unity3D Pro License - 50 Mixamo Credits -Interview and Featured on Mixamo - Professional Rendering of Your Character 2nd place: $500 cash - Unity3D iOS or Android License - 30 Mixamo Credits - Interview on Mixamo 3rd place: $250 cash - 15 Mixamo Credits Deadline : April 27th Submission Process 1. Create your character (Choose one of the sides below, include the requirements and be as creative as possible) 2. Stick to the rules, under 40k tris! 3. Send three images [beauty Shot, Construction, and Texture Sheet] to contest[at]mixamo.com Get all the details here: http://www.mixamo.com/c/user-contests/2012-3d-modeling-contest ==================================== CHOOSE YOUR SIDE ==================================== THE VANGUARD Sworn defenders of the Galactic Nations. These super soldiers are cybernetically enhanced, gifts granted to them by the power source Heluim3. Because of these man made super powers they are only dispatched in the most dire of situations. Now an attack on the one of the largest heluim3 mining outposts in the system has forced the hand of the Galatic Nations and the Vanguard has been sent in. Male Super Soldier Cybernetic Super Power ==================================== VS ==================================== VOID PIRATES These femme fatales descend from the Eridanus Supervoid, a dark matterless sector of deepspace and ransack mining outposts for Helium3, equipment and machinery. Because of their harsh living conditions they often have artificial limbs and support themselves on whatever they can steal. They've just begun an attack one the of the largest Helium3 outposts in the system, if they can make it out alive they will live like queens! Female Space Pirate Artificial Limb
  16. Winners are: ============================== http://www.mixamo.com/c/user-contests/space-battle-character-contest-winners ==============================
  17. Great news, the Contest has been extended based on contestants requesting more time. We've agreed to end the contest by one week. The new END DATE is MAY 4th @ 11:59PM PST If you have already submitted feel free to refine the entry and resubmit! Otherwise, we'll see you at the end of the contest! @Carlosa pictures are fine some users have sent objs and proof of ownership, not required. @Elizeusz the blog.mixamo.com will be showing them all after the contests ends.
  18. I think your getting caught up in the needless details. Keep to the poly count. Mesh organization is unimportant. We would like a texture sheet, an image with all the textures in one so we can see them all at once. If submitting the maps is easier just do that. 12DAYS remain!
  19. Yes 20k quads. Sorry for the delay we just got done pushing a large announcement.
  20. Moska, Last year's contest was voted on by the users and contestants. This year it's in house voting done by the creative team. Your not giving yourself a fair chance if you fail once and never try again.
  21. No one interested? $1000 cash prize is up for grabs!
  22. Mixamo just published a new CG Resources Finder with links to resources for 3d modeling, texture mapping, rendering and lighting, animation, rigging, dynamics, sculpting, game engines, 2d, sound, training, assets, and more. This would be great to search for what your looking for. You can suggest more via the widget on the finder homepage.
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    Mixamo just published a new CG Resources Finder with links to resources for 3d modeling, texture mapping, rendering and lighting, animation, rigging, dynamics, sculpting, game engines, 2d, sound, training, assets, and more. Suggest more via the widget on the finder homepage.
  24. =============================================== VOTING HAS BEGUN: Contest Voting ===============================================
  25. =============================================== VOTING HAS BEGUN: Contest Voting =============================================== Prizes : 1st place: $1,000 cash and 50 Mixamo Credits + Annual design3 membership ($179.95 value) + professionally generated render and animation of your character 2nd place: $500 cash and 30 Mixamo Credits + 6 Month design3 membership ($99.95 value) 3rd place: $300 cash and 15 Mixamo Credits + 3 month design3 membership ($59.85 value)