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  1. Where did the Beta 2 go? I installed it and now its back to Beta 1. Should I revert??
  2. Great! I have totally missed that. Thanks for the info. Roland
  3. When I tried to make retopo of a hard surface model (actually a lab-bench) I found it quite hard to get boxes and such stuff right (with 90-degree angles). Would'n it bee a good idea to have say a box-primitive which you could add and resize to wrap such things. Does not need to be any auto-wrapping thing. Just a box to place in right position and drag the sides to match the model.
  4. This helped me with 3DCoat4 and Modo 701 1) Open the folder C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Scripts 2) You will find 2 files with the extension .py there, 3dc_applink.py and 3dc_applink_auto.py 3) Open those files in notepad or any other plain text editor 4) Make a search and replace from CoatV3 to CoatV4 and then save I cant give any guarantee but for me it worked. I have attached those files already edited by me for those who are lazy Scripts.rar
  5. Yeah. Its hard to get decent FPS. Guess we have to wait for Voxel-based engines. But they are coming!
  6. Yes. Really looks great. What FPS do you get in Engine with that terrain?
  7. Ouch... Thats horrible in the positive way
  8. Yes, I can see what you mean. I also do some tweaking on the low-poly mesh in Modo before using it. But as you say. The retopo tools in 3DC are so great that its probably a better way to go. I depends on the actual situation I guess.
  9. Hi I have Groboto 3 Beta and have tested a little. The mesh density and some other parameters can be set before export so you may export a very low poly version suitable for gaming. From Groboto you may export one low-poly version and one high. Then import the high version as Voxel object and make your details. After that you may use the low-poly version as retopology object. This is described very good here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD0-bZKNrvU
  10. I made the UV-map in ZBrush and exported lowpoly to obj. That obj-file was imported as low-poly. I will check the UV-map Thanks Later: Yes man. the UV was corrupted...
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