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  1. jcue

    Upgrade Support - Contact Info

    Thank you for the response. I have the original key but the process to upgrade my key failed. I entered my key into the upgrade option, purchased the upgrade and received an email confirming my purchase. Unfortunately, there was an internal error that did not process the conversion of the key. The error in the email: License: Error! Serial has already been upgraded to V3
  2. jcue

    Upgrade Support - Contact Info

    Thank you. Very much appreciated.
  3. jcue

    Upgrade Support - Contact Info

    I'm not sure what the delay is in responding to my specific question but they haven't yet. I purchased the upgrade already the issue is w/ the actual serial number. The email has the word 'error' in place of where the serial number should be. I was charged for the upgrade amount but did not receive the actual upgrade. Regardless of the issue they should respond to inquires in a more timely matter.
  4. Hello, How long does it usually take support (support@3dcoat.com and sales@3dcoat.com) to respond to an an email? My initial email was sent October 9th and I've followed up a few times but w/ no response. I'm trying to upgrade an older version of 3d-Coat and ran into a few errors after the upgrade.
  5. jcue


    Will you also provide a quick tutorial on how to render the materials in Thea? Thanks again
  6. Thank you..Almost I already have a linux and a windows pro license. I'm wondering how upgrading to V5 (when it's out) will work. It would be hard to imagine upgrading each for $99 when upgrading and getting a new os license was only $40.
  7. Sorry for posting on an old thread, but I have a question regarding a Windows and a Linux license. If you own a Windows license and pay an additional $40 for a Linux license how will upgrading to Version 5 work? Will you be charged $99 (or however much an upgrade will be) for each license? Or will you have to upgrade 1 OS and pay $40 for an additional license. I'm most-likely making this more complex than it really is so any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. jcue

    Is there any more smart material?

    I'm most definitely interested in more smart materials..
  9. jcue

    HaHaHa...Smart Materials Rocks!

    I know right. Just throw random textures in the mix and you get something rad. Super stoked about 4.5.
  10. Sorry it appears my last post didn't go through. The tutorials look rad.! What version of 3d coat are you using?
  11. Perfect! Thanks again for the great update.
  12. Free pbr nice! Is there a way to paint using the "old" workflow? How do I export Diffuse, Specular, and Normal map (non-pbr)? Thanks again
  13. That makes sense. Thanks for the response