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  1. Eskassa

    [Solved] 3D mouse problems

    Thankyou very much. These should answer all my problems. Really really appreciate it!!
  2. Eskassa

    [Solved] 3D mouse problems

    Oooh! I see, I see! Thank-you very much!! Custom point is still slightly off (its not rotating around camera terminal position but some point in the foreground) but its MUCH more manageable. I don't want to rotate around a position infront of me, but the actual zero of the viewport screenspace so I can step through worldspace in first person. The reason being is as I pan in and out of an object, the rotation behavior changes which forces me to reorient myself mentally or jink to compensate which is an extra step mentally. If I'm constantly thinking consistently in three dimensions without the depth of the object "feeling like it changes the rotation behavior" because the rotation behavior is for the viewport, not some point infront of the viewport, things would be MUCH easier -- I say this coming from a Modo/Substance workflow. I literally cannot make heads nor tails of any of this. Its very cool but I can't find the 3D mouse action type on this list. Is it inherited by the RMB navigational options? I'm not really sure where the object depth relative to viewport is.
  3. Is there anything akin to Photoshop's preset system that can remember my configuration combo of tool, size, alpha, brush options, strokemode, etc -- (I'd be disgustingly happy if these presets could be recalled on keyboard shortcut). To clarify, I bung all my presets on a Razr Nostromo (see above) and it speeds my workflow up something insane in 2D illustration because muscle memory is pretty amazing which makes me happy because deadlines are a lot less amazing and are very VERY scary sometimes and for something thats like 20 bucks on amazon hooo boy its magical (sadly I'm not being paid for this glowing endorsement). On the matter, is there just like, a youtube video or something where I can sit and study someone going through all the more advanced weirdness of finnicky configuration options like customizing the library and nice little tool niches? I know these are kind of presumptuous, demanding and kind of a haughty line of questioning but I've had my eye on 3DCoat for the last few years and I think I'm finally at a point where I'm not as frightened by it as I used to be so I can start learning it (this may have something to do with my wallet). Godspeed, community. You were on the money last time with my last request, here's to you again you reliable good nice kind people.
  4. Eskassa

    [Solved] 3D mouse problems

    Man, fighting the camera when I sculpt is really driving me crazy... The object I'm trying to sculpt is in the foreground and it just insists on panning around some vague nebulous mystery place in the distance I have zero interest in. The sculpt tools are so good too...
  5. Eskassa

    [Solved] 3D mouse problems

    To clarify, I know it *CAN* follow the last location but this isn't the working behavior I want or need.
  6. Eskassa

    [Solved] 3D mouse problems

    So using a 3D Connexion Spacemouse, something very very strange happens. The camera revolves around some mysterious point in space far ahead of me, rather than my actual position as its kind of meant to. I've gone through the settings of both it and 3DCoat but I have no idea how to fix this. I've included a video of expected behavior vs 3DCoat's behavior as an example. Please help. I'm starting out with your software, but this quite literally makes sculpting close to impossible.