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  1. Hi Carlosan ! Yeah that volume based option is exactly what I needed ! Thanks a lot ! However I already tried the smudge brush but I don't understand how it works. I'm just trying to blend/mix two colors together for instance, but it does seem to work like that. Am I doing it wrong ?
  2. Hi there ! I'm a long time Blender/Gimp/Krita user but I'm quited tired of blender's texture painting... No layers and all.. It's been troubling me for a while. So I made my first steps to 3D Coat a few days ago and I love the app so far. Two things are bugging me though : 1 - I googled a lot and tried a lot of options ("paint through") and all but I can't seem to get the behavior I'd like with the brush concerning clipping faces. I'd like the brush to paint everything under it, and not just snapping on a particular polygon. Is it possible ? 2 - I googled that already and it seems there isn't but I'm still asking... who knows Is there a smudge/smear brush in texture painting ? Thanks a lot for your help ! Regards, Ghislain.
  3. Cremuss

    3DCoat Linux Trial and Intel GMA ?

    Humm ok thanks for your replies. Too bad it won't run on this card since I just need the painting feature of 3dcoat actually. Anyway I'll have to buy a new laptop in order to play Diablo 3.. so we'll see then ! Thank you for your time. Wish you a nice day, cya !
  4. Hi. I just discovered 3dcoat and it seems to be a really really great tool to integrate in my workflow along blender and gimp. So I tried the trial version for linux (I don't have any other OS) and I have some weird problem on my old laptop (my only pc). http://cremuss.free.fr/.aw/3dcoatGuiBug.jpg I guess the problem is my very old and poor graphic card : intel gma 945 :S Think is I don't need more power since I do very lowpoly stuff with handpainted textures so I don't really want to buy a laptop just for 3d coat =) I also tried the windows (32&64bits) version through wine but still no way. The software is crashing at start. Any ideas ? Is 3d coat supposed to run on my intel card ? Thank you ! PS : congratulations on making 3dcoat cross-plateform, it's so great to see that ! Keep it up !