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  1. Game Reviews Indie game magazine http://mobile.indiegamemag.com/indie-intros-tilt-and-swipe/ Jayisgames http://jayisgames.com/archives/2013/05/tilt_and_swipe.php Linkters http://linkters.com/charlie-dog-announce-new-game-tilt-swipe/ i4u http://www.i4u.com/2013/05/and-swipe-tilt Tilt and Swipe - Facebook page with fun facts and silly stuff about the game https://www.facebook.com/TiltAndSwipe
  2. pezz

    V4 Stable version

    so excited, bought this as soon as I saw it!
  3. Tilt&Swipe is out now game play video: Download the game here for android devices. The game is free to play for the first 20 minutes: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.charliedoggames.TiltAndSwipe#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDIxMiwiY29tLmNoYXJsaWVkb2dnYW1lcy5UaWx0QW5kU3dpcGUiXQ.. We hope you have fun
  4. pezz

    3D Coat Inside

    Your models are awesome! Great to see game artist using 3Dcoat! It would be great to have forum thread just for Game art!
  5. Cheers Timmyz, I plan to do a retrospective of how we arrived at the final graphics in the WIP forum later. it has been a year in development and there has been quite a few changes made to the 3D model content. I will also let you all know when the game is released. Thanks for the encouragement. Pezz
  6. Tilt&Swipe is an independently developed organic match 3 puzzle game for Android. Tilt&Swipe is due to be released in at the end of the month. All the models created for the game have been modelled and textured using 3D coat. Modo has been used to scale and correct the Transforms. Photoshop was used to create the menus. Tilt&Swipe is built on the UNITY game engine. http://www.charliedoggames.com/
  7. pezz

    Basic Unit Setup

    I am looking to know how big my objects are in metric measurements. I would really like to be able to know who big my retopo/voxel objects are in metric measurements. This would enable me to throw away the 3rd party software that I am using to do this and stream line my process. Maybe an option could be added to the Voxel measurement tool?
  8. pezz

    Retopo room - smoothing groups tool

    I would like to up vote this, smoothing group control would make retopo sweet! Soft or hard edges or Select face give it a number. This is a simple feature that will improve the normal baking process. I like your idea damocles.
  9. pezz

    pezz wip

    Hey Iron Paw, Yeah a massive gun with a huge pile of shells will be awesome! I am currently working on getting the model into the UNITY game engine. One of the Evil Aliens gave me some pointers yesterday. The normal maps are jerking me around a bit. Nothing beats coats real time view port render. I will be trying to get UNITY to match or better it.
  10. pezz

    Pixo's sketch book

    Voxel painting works. The More in Cavity brush will be really cool on the wrinkles of your critter. Play with the Cavity scale to increase decrease the effect. It's gonna be good!!!
  11. pezz

    pezz wip

    Hey Thanks for the feedback fleeting time, I agree the head needs another iteration, the 4th time will be a charm it does seem to small still and I reckon I could further improve the likeness of the model. Also currently the mode has x3 2048 maps on it. I want to make them all fit into one map. 3D coat has a really great UV mapping system that will move the pixles with the UVs, which is so great and blows my mind! cheers
  12. pezz

    Mr Turtle

    iLegacy = Gold mine!!! Thx again for sharing, even more cool stuff.
  13. pezz

    pezz wip

    Texture update