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  1. I reverted to Windows 10 ver. 1703 (the last before "Creators Update"). Pen in WinTab mode is now working like expected including touch.
  2. Ok, did that right now.
  3. Hi, I tried using 3D-Coat with pen input on my Tablet (Vaio Z Canvas with Win 10 Creators Update). It was a mixed experience: In Tablet Mode: Strokes work but Zoom and Pan do not. In WinTab Mode: Zoom and Pan works but strokes only if pen button is pressed. Investigating the Internet revealed that: Win 10 Creators Update changed the way how pen input is interpreted. As a result there are a lot of complaints that pen devices are now crippled in their use for art work (like 3D-Coat as I wrote above). I tried with Clip Studio Paint and got issues there as well. When drawing multiple strokes it inteprets them as either "draw" or "pan" in a random fashion. The conclusion is mainly that one has to revert Windows to a state before Creators Update. The anounced new spring creators update seems to make it even worse according to the first online feedback. Does somebody know if the above is true for Wacom devices (especially the new Wacom Cintiq Pro) as well?
  4. Hi, is there a setting to activate antialiasing of the 3D views in 3D-Coat? It is not about antialiasing of brush strokes, but just the view itself (like smoothing the grid or the objects' wireframes). I had a look through all the preferences and googled but could not find information about this. Thanks for help.
  5. Hi Carlosan, many thanks for your help. I am sure I did something wrong in Lightwave to create this strange UV map. Your files worked. I did the UV mapping in 3D-Coat now and everthing is ok :-)
  6. HI, I have a strange effect when importing an LWO file (Lightwave) into 3d-Coat for "per pixel painting". I hope the screen shots explain the problem. I made a simple box in Lightwave. The top polygons got a simple planar mapped UV. I imported the object into 3d-Coat an got this strange line shown in the screenshots. Because I am not experienced with 3D-Coat, I like to ask if I am doing something wrong? I tried with Lightwave 11.6.2 and 2015. The lwo and 3b files are in the zip. Thanks for any help. bump-test_001.zip
  7. madno

    How to select short edges for UV seam?

    Ok, thanks for confirming. As a noob I always think its my fault. Issue posted to mantis. //admin edit In UV room a very short edge can not be selected if very long edges are present as well.
  8. madno

    How to select short edges for UV seam?

    I made a new box. It is still one meter in size but the smoothing edges are one cm instead of one millimeter this time. With those settings it works. I can now select the short edges. Seems so that 3D-Coat's UV room really does not like a very long and very short edges being together. Should I make a ticket out of this?
  9. madno

    How to select short edges for UV seam?

    I am not sure if I do it right. Lasso or rectagle are the ones I can select in the E panel, right? If that is the case it still does not like the short edges. I have attached the box which I saved from 4.0.11A. Maybe you can have a look? BOX-for-UV.zip Please ignore the little sphere in there. I placed it for use with UVLayout, because that software does not have an xyz indicator. If you load a mesh into UVLayout you never know where the front, back etc. is.
  10. madno

    How to select short edges for UV seam?

    Good idea, but I tried it already with no luck. More testing showed that it does not like long distance edges and short distance onces being in the same mesh. With a more balanced mesh it worked. But nevermind I can switch to another software for creating UVs.
  11. Hi, I can't manage to select the short edges in the UV editor. Whatever I do it is always one of the longer edges that gets the focus. Is there a trick or setting which I am missing? The geometry is a box which I made in Lightwave and opened as lwo in 3D-Coat. In LW the box was made as 1 meter in size and the edge radius was set to 1 millimeter. Thanks for help.
  12. Hi, first, thanks for the "triangle" tip. It worked to only paint on individual polygons. Regarding the website: Sorry for posting here. But as the question was asked. I am using Firefox 27.0.1 Could it be reladed to the "noscript" plugin I have installed? Maybe it is blocking a redirect or something like that. But if I am the only one facing that strange behaviour, please ignore my message.
  13. Thanks carlosan, I am still in the office but will try it as soon as I am back home. By the way, I noticed that your are a moderator. So maybe you are also the right one for something about the web site. If I try to enter the forum via your main web site: www.3d-coat.com -> menue "Community" -> entry "Forum" then I land on: http://3d-coat.com/community/forum/ and see an empty page. If I change the URL manually to: http://3d-coat.com/forum/ then the real forum start page appears. Cheers, madno.
  14. Hi there, I am new to 3D-Coat so please forgive the noob question. I imported a box, put it into UV room, made a UV map and switched to the paint room. Now I like to fill the middle polygons of the box's top with white and the rest with black (later the texture should be used for a displacement test). But I am struggeling to paint only specific polygons. Trying it by hand strokes is not accurate enough. Thanks for any help in advance.
  15. madno

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Hi, just installed 3D-Coat 3.7.15. There seems to be a problem with the GL version (see screenshot 3d-Coal-GL). The DX version looks ok to me. System is: Windows 7 64 Bit Prof. Graphic is: AMD FirePro V7900 Driver is: Packet version 8.911.3.4 Direct3D version OpenGL version Catalyst Control Center-Version 2012.0524.40 This just to let you know. I will use DX version for now.