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  1. Flippers

    Fox piggy bank

    My girlfriend loves dogs and foxes, so i sculpted her a Fox piggy bank. I Then 3d printed out the pieces and i'm currently assembling it all togethter. I'll post pics of the 3d print when its finished. Side note. voxels are a huge game changer, i'm so greatful i stuck to learning 3d coat. some of the technical things i had to do for this simple model for 3d printing were a BREZE in 3d coat. being able to cut away voxels and not worry about polygons is the most FREEING way to work. doing the interior cutout of this model was cake, hasslefree. love 3d coat!
  2. Flippers

    can i duplicate objects like you can in modo?

    ive tried instancing but i see no offset and number of duplications. how is this done timmyz?
  3. i've tried the vox layer MULTIPLE times and every single time, no matter what once i click apply it brings my machine to a total stop. the vox layer i'm working on has about 100,000 polys, nothing insane at all. one time i DID get the vox layer to work and the small object i was extruding ended up being like 17 million polygons? it also does the same thing when i'm on the macbook. same total stop. on the pc i can at least eventually get into task manager, on macbook it freezes the entire machine, turns it into a brick. i would LOVE to use this tool. its like zbrush extract from what i can tell, but i can never use it. i hope i'm just doing something wrong? wth? 17 million polygons? that's bananas.
  4. say i created this object in 3d coat. i'd want to then duplicate it in Y and each duplicate would be offset by the same amount. i tried this with radial but i couldn't get it to work. anyone know if this is possible?
  5. Flippers

    constrain stroke angles?

    i'm a HUGE fan of the snapping to grid now. thats brilliant. i still wish you could have an angle tolerance or constraint. i'm going to request. the grid is bad-ass though. thanks so much for the videos! cheers
  6. Flippers

    [Solved] Splits and Joints tool not working ?

    i've tried doing this on cylinder shapes and other objects and it works. it just refuses for this model though? i've tried closing holes, surface mode...still dont work.
  7. Flippers

    constrain stroke angles?

    i'm using the cut off tool and i have the vertex lasso selected and i'm trying to do intricate precise angles. i've tried holding shift and ctrl and the green line wont snap. please tell me we can have this snap? i'd freaking love it if you could define the angle of snap as well? appreciate any info, love learning coat. freaking great program, i am just lost on how to do a lot in the app still. cheers!
  8. i mocked this up hoping someone on the forums will understand what i'm trying to accomplish. lets say from the front view of this flat piece of geo, i could...use some stroke or something and from the top view i could basically bevel around the entire object? ideally i'd like to have a flat surface, like i have now and be able to extrude/inset. does this make sense? really hopes something like this is doable in coat. i'm going to be doing a lot of hard surface stuff in coat and i dont want to manually trace around all my objects and give a bevel to them. appreciate any sage help on this. still new to coat! cheers!
  9. Flippers

    [Solved] Splits and Joints tool not working ?

    thanks for the replies gang. i couldn't log into the forums last night. in the image you can see i have a split in the middle of his arm, its not touching anything but the bicep of his arm. I've tried switching from the square to the circle shape as well. no luck. it never works, ever. i've tried multiple times. Surface mode, tried with symmetry on and off. i'm using 4.1.17. i'm starting to think this is a bug. i've tried slicing on the guys legs, same result anywhere i try and slice. ARGH! such a super useful tool for 3d printing and it wont work for me?
  10. Flippers

    [Solved] Splits and Joints tool not working ?

    BUMP. anyone have some ideas? i tried a new scene and i'm still getting the same error messages.
  11. Flippers

    zoom on cursor?

  12. every time i try and make a split on my character it says "impossible to split object in 2 parts with this patch. then it leasts reasons why it wont split it? ive googled this and i can find no information on this problem. ive tried both types of patches, no holes in the model. dont know whats up?
  13. Flippers

    zoom on cursor?

    yeah, super handy to have.
  14. Flippers

    anything like zbrush insert brush in 3dcoat???

    hell yea! thanks javis. still learning coat but im CONSTANTLY loving it. zbrush is still good at some things but coat is...just a joy. so much fun. cheers!
  15. Flippers

    anything like zbrush insert brush in 3dcoat???

    so if i created a tooth, i can ...rmb click the layer (i'm guessing) and say, save as a import preset or something? can i drag the object over a mesh and it will align like in zbrush. oh boy, i'm excited!!!