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  1. painting / drawing on voxelsurface objects quiete useless (even after resizing the object and more voxel-density), because the resolution is very low. I knew, its better to made UV map and so on, but I was trying painting only on a simple cube and using only via internal renderengine.
  2. I have overseen, that Joint is a complex tool, with lot of different options. Hope I will see a nice tutorial.
  3. I still can't repeat that. I set joints and saved the file as an OBJ again. Nothing. Second problem, the edges of my OBJ are soft and ugly, even though I saved the edges (OBJ comes from Rocket3F) - as hard. A tutorial would be really cool. ps. I used my own solution, I opened the basic kitbash cube under rocket3F and replaced the cube with an own object, but u have keep the six the 6 Joint Placeholders. But I dont know, why I couldnts see these small Joint OBJ-parts in Retopo Room.
  4. Dear friends with 3d printers and Engineers and Medical Experts. Or people you know who someone who is or has a 3d printer. Here's something you can do :) Poland made it's own opensource Ventilator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AAjVFM0t0o And if you are an Engineer, or Medical Expert and can/would like to contribute the project, more info here: https://VENTILAID.ORG edit: looking more into this i found this https://www.3dnatives.com/…/3d-printed-respirator-2303202…/… stay healthy and safe everyone
  5. Missing options in the pose-tool, after selecting paint/brush. I need to made a restart if I want switch back - e.g. to stroke-selection, ring-selection etc.
  6. The Extrude Tool didn't work - but sorry - thats the previous version. x.x.10 Is that fixed now? I will download new version next days, if I have better connection with my Internet.
  7. Hey, thanx - I will try - so I need only edit the materials per texteditor. Hope they will fix this one a day - in a next version.
  8. Also with the newest BETA I dont have a preview with own freeform.obj. Fbx? I see, that all FreeForms are called SURFACE.OBJ I did made an Test with a simple OBJ - made in SILO - only 10 Faces. Here is the OBJ - I have placed it in the FreeFormFolders - direct in the programm folders, it also dont work in own document Folders. Surface.obj
  9. Hello, I hav made two OBJ and placed it as my own Freeform - it works fine, but if I would have some more of them - I wouldn't have an overview about my own free form primitves, because the Free-Form-Primitives shows an empty square of my own freeforms. Any Idea? Btw. I have created my first Freeform in MOI3D and my second in Silo - the same issue. Hope you can help. I dont have Preview Problems with OBJ/IMPORT. I also don't understand - why not one manager for Import OBJ & Freeform OBJ. I work still with 4.8.04 - don't have the newest version, because of very slow internet.
  10. ok, also heißt es noch etwas warten - wollte endlich paar MOI3D Modelle retopologisieren. Die jetzigen Retopo Möglichkeiten sind auch gut, aber dauert mir zu lange - und Autoretopo mag ich irgendwie nicht immer.
  11. Wollte jetzt keinen neuen Thread eröffnen - aber gibt es paar gute Tutorials zu den neuen RETOPO TOOLS, habe nur die Vorschau vor 1-2 Monaten auf einem youtube chanel gesehen. finde aber nichts neues auf Youtube.
  12. Hey, dear readers, What are the best settings in cinema4d R16 - to get similar c4d-rendering-outputs like in the 3DCoat-Rendering-Outputs? I see some big differences, The colors I think, in C4D are darker and less saturated, even I use also ggx in the C4D-gloss-parameters too. I think also that I didn't have the right gloss settings C4D. There are some good rendersettings or even a template for c4d? I use often only the standard-build-in-render-engine in cinema 4D.
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