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  1. Dear friends with 3d printers and Engineers and Medical Experts. Or people you know who someone who is or has a 3d printer. Here's something you can do :) Poland made it's own opensource Ventilator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AAjVFM0t0o And if you are an Engineer, or Medical Expert and can/would like to contribute the project, more info here: https://VENTILAID.ORG edit: looking more into this i found this https://www.3dnatives.com/…/3d-printed-respirator-2303202…/… stay healthy and safe everyone
  2. Missing options in the pose-tool, after selecting paint/brush. I need to made a restart if I want switch back - e.g. to stroke-selection, ring-selection etc.
  3. Monkeybrain

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    The Extrude Tool didn't work - but sorry - thats the previous version. x.x.10 Is that fixed now? I will download new version next days, if I have better connection with my Internet.
  4. Monkeybrain

    Free Form Primitives - No Preview

    Hey, thanx - I will try - so I need only edit the materials per texteditor. Hope they will fix this one a day - in a next version.
  5. Monkeybrain

    Free Form Primitives - No Preview

    Also with the newest BETA I dont have a preview with own freeform.obj. Fbx? I see, that all FreeForms are called SURFACE.OBJ I did made an Test with a simple OBJ - made in SILO - only 10 Faces. Here is the OBJ - I have placed it in the FreeFormFolders - direct in the programm folders, it also dont work in own document Folders. Surface.obj
  6. Monkeybrain

    Free Form Primitives - No Preview

    Hello, I hav made two OBJ and placed it as my own Freeform - it works fine, but if I would have some more of them - I wouldn't have an overview about my own free form primitves, because the Free-Form-Primitives shows an empty square of my own freeforms. Any Idea? Btw. I have created my first Freeform in MOI3D and my second in Silo - the same issue. Hope you can help. I dont have Preview Problems with OBJ/IMPORT. I also don't understand - why not one manager for Import OBJ & Freeform OBJ. I work still with 4.8.04 - don't have the newest version, because of very slow internet.
  7. Monkeybrain


    awsome artwork
  8. Monkeybrain


    this looks so great
  9. Monkeybrain


    ok, also heißt es noch etwas warten - wollte endlich paar MOI3D Modelle retopologisieren. Die jetzigen Retopo Möglichkeiten sind auch gut, aber dauert mir zu lange - und Autoretopo mag ich irgendwie nicht immer.
  10. Monkeybrain


    Wollte jetzt keinen neuen Thread eröffnen - aber gibt es paar gute Tutorials zu den neuen RETOPO TOOLS, habe nur die Vorschau vor 1-2 Monaten auf einem youtube chanel gesehen. finde aber nichts neues auf Youtube.
  11. Hey, dear readers, What are the best settings in cinema4d R16 - to get similar c4d-rendering-outputs like in the 3DCoat-Rendering-Outputs? I see some big differences, The colors I think, in C4D are darker and less saturated, even I use also ggx in the C4D-gloss-parameters too. I think also that I didn't have the right gloss settings C4D. There are some good rendersettings or even a template for c4d? I use often only the standard-build-in-render-engine in cinema 4D.
  12. Monkeybrain

    Reimported Normalmap (from Photoshop) doesn't work 100%

    It was my fail, its better to work with normal maps also withe edit => projection => painting, I did have made export my normalmap over textures/tga this was a bad idea.
  13. 1st create a curve in Illustrator and save as eps 2nd load a shape/curve e.g. the eps 3d scale/edit/transform and so on your points / the shape Now I get problems 4d I want to attach this curve to a surface - it works, the green curve looks pretty good on the surface 5th hit apply if you are happy - but it didnt work what I do wrong? Why I can do e.g. a paint along that projectet-eps-curve* or I can't do some deatails in the sculpting room with the same curve? Also EPS export => import the same as SPLINE didnt work. ... EDIT I see its better to USE PNG - but it confuse me a lot
  14. Hallo, wie bringe ich eine EPS-Kurve (in Illustrator) erstellt auf ein Objekt ran? Ich will damit auf einer Oberfläche - im Paintingroom eine Gravur' ritzen. Ich sehe die grüne EPS Kurve in 3DCoat, schön ... drücke ich return/Enter passiert nicht viel (nur dass ich da ein 3D-Manipulatorkreuz sehe und die EPS Kurve verschieben / skallieren kann) oder Punkte bearbeiten kann -, drehen will ich nicht ... er soll mir nur was reinritzen/malen Wenn ich auf Punkte Projezieren drücke und auf Übernhemen passiert nix Normale Kurven zeichnen und projezieren und abentern funktioniert wunderbar. Eideeutig wohl ein Bug ich wünschte ich hätte meine alte 3DCoat Version noch, aber irgendwie überschrieben... EDIT: Komisch komisch komisch komisch importiere ich ein PNG Shape - funktionierts ... wär hätte das jetzt gedacht.